Neith or Gazelle?

Have both at lvl 70 and just got my 6th dart, who would you ascend?

Other maxed yellows: Justice Joon Ranvir

Gazelle 20 times Gazelle


Gazelle would be my choice.


Gazelle, and replace Ranvir with her for titans when she’s maxed.

No miss chance and +100% attack is more reliable than +195% attack with miss chance.


But you’re getting +100% attack on 4 heroes, not 5. I could see her maybe being a better option as a whole, especially for the ability to keep allies alive. But from a pure damage dealing perspective, Ranvir still has to be stronger, no?

Yes, especially since increases in damage are non-linear. You get much more than double the damage going from 100% to 200%

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What is your healer situation? IMO u need at least 6 healer perferably 12

Theoretically yes, but it depends on RNG when it comes to actually applying it.

The miss chance can cost you stuns and possibly result in a dead hero, which also effectively lowers your buff from 5 to 4 heroes (and so on).

Whereas with no miss chance, you don’t have that problem. The theoretical possible damage output is smaller indeed, but that’s the trade-off for not having a gamble.


True enough. You’d expect the average Titan hit to be somewhat smaller, and the top end to be lower, but have fewer hits that feel like just feel like a wasted Titan flag.

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The individual hits may be stronger… but personally I’d want more consistent hits over the chance of a rockstar hit. Using ranvir would force me to use timestops (hitting 14s) which is expensive to maintain…


Problem with using Gazalle in titans is that she doesn’t apply defense up buff to herself, which might cause her to be 1-shotted by the strong titans. If she dies, the negatives effects take place

Gazelle would take on viv’s D buff which will help her survivability.

I find it a pitty . When using gazelle you lose every buff you have. On youre team . Except gazelle

I was thinking what to do whit gazelle. Is she good. Does the 100 % attack stacks whit ranvir. I was testing. The heroes that go dancing. They lose everything. A vorm of ghost like ameona.

No it does not stack. Dance prevents any other buffs from being applied

Yes, that’s intended.

It’s to balance the fact that Gazelle’s dance reduces damage taken by 50% and also increases attack by 100%. If you could stack more buffs on top of that, she’d be too much.

I personally think she’s a great hero. On defense I find her too easy to exploit – killing her while her buff is active has serious consequences on her team – but she’s a great offensive hero as the AI doesn’t know how to abuse her weakness.

Oke thanks for explainig. :slight_smile:

Whit inari you have the change that gazelle can dogde for more surveivebillity. I have her always whit my in my yellow titanteam. But i saw de grading from anchor. And it was super positive. I will level her. If i get de blades en darts . I need only 5 :sweat_smile:

Here’s why you don’t use her on defense lol. Look at this enormous TP mismatch and then the end result.

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