Neith – New November 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I dont know what was before but I know this, on this form she is just like 4* heroe with emblems and one emblemed li xiu will make much better work than Neith, she need to be buffed


yes indeed, and already discussed and serious debate before her release, here.


As i already stated, i would not particulary against of a light buff (20-30% maximum).
I even have her, so how can i be against it? :grin:

If it helps to have more love from people… ok. It should not make her trespass OP territory.

But what i find funny is that all the people that complaint about her talk about her skills, not her hit. (Or at least both)

If you don’t like her now, having 20 or even 30% more special doesn’t add so much to her.

We talking only about damage boost eventually. If you don’t like her skills… that will never change.

People seems to talk like more damage would increase her missing rate too, which is not.


And I was on this debate but no one heard us

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What damage she make? The 3 minions from Seshat make more damage from her


If you do some math you discover that she lend about the same damage as Hel, which is another average hero.

Different distribution, but about the same total damage.
We can argue about Hel having a better skill (and i would even agree) but here we are talking about only damage.

If we look at that and complaint about Neith, you should complaint about Hel too.

But no one do that, lol.

If we take to look and on another heroes we have to look and on zimkitha, zeilin, Anzogh, ursena … and not only on hel, but I dont look on another heroes I’m looking only on Neith.


Yes of course, but i find the Hel comparison as very effective.

  • Utility hero (same as Neith)
  • Average speed (same as Neith)
  • Not great damage (same as Neith)
  • Shine in attack (Same as Neith)
  • Not great in defence (not anymore at least. You are lucky if you find 1 or 2 Hel right now on top team, and almost NEVER as tank)
  • Skill that can be wiped out by a cleanser

Hel has the advantage that could eventually stop that cleanser, Neith the advantage that AI is stupid in defence with splash heroes.

They are very similar, and yet very different opinions on the playerbase.

I would say the main reason is that people has totally too much expectations from Neith.

She is mainly an attacker.
Same as Hel.


REALLY? Hel and Neith are in the same class and comparable? :rofl: Maybe SG will allow me to trade my Neith for Hel that would be fantastic.

She’s a watered down Zeline as several of us have stated before let’s not give members false hope with Hel comps. Zeline is fast Neith isn’t. Zeline gives guaranteed -34 or -35 attack Neith’s -34 or -35 miss is a chance. Neith delays a turn Zeline dispels all earned buffs. Zeline is the better version of Neith and she will be in Atlantis if the pattern continues January 2020 with Kunchen and what seems to be a fantastic hotm Vela in January. Save your money people she’s not Hel or Zeline in her current state.


Provide numbers or anything else that say Hel and Neith are not similar.

I provided tangible examples as why they are, so if you want to convice me (or anyone else) they are not i’m all ears.

As things are, you seem to me like those people that buy i-phones.
When i ask them why i should also buy one, they say “Because it’s better! It’s Apple!”

Which could even be true, but you really have no idea of their features and just say it because other say so.

I have Hel. Use her from more then 2 years.
I totally feel she is that kind of hero too.

Oh btw, know that several beta testers are stating that Vela is underwhelming in her current form. Lol.

I did provide numbers Lol. You wanted to talk about iPhones for some reason :rofl:

Edit: good thing she isn’t a purple hero or that would have been in your comps as well smh.

All I wanted to address is this game gets a lot of new members everyday and Neith and Hel aren’t the same. Some new players to this game could read your post and think about chasing Neith as a substitute for Hel and she isn’t.


Saying that are comparable is very different to saying “substitute”. Each of their own are different as all them should be, neverless they shine in the same situations (attack raiding).
Let me prove that.

Is Hel a top purple defender right now? Answer: nope.
Other purples more popular then her in defence right now:

  • Kunchen
  • Ursena
  • Kageburado
  • Seshat

She is about in the same league of Khiona and Aeron for defence, arguabily you find people prefer even Boss Wolf over her for defence.

Conclusion: is her a must have hero for top defences? Nope.

Titans. Is Hel a must have for titans?
Best heroes for a titan team right now are:

  • Tiburtus/Kunchen (defence debuffers)
  • Panther (elemental debuffer)
  • Khiona (attack buffer)
  • Tarlak/Miki (attack buffers)

You can bring her as your final purple, but i rather take a high attack hero like Kageburado as 4th or even Obakan.
You can replace her with pretty much everything, use 1 item more and have same scores.

Conclusion: is Hel must have for competitive titan hits? Answer: nope.

Events. Top heroes to score high are very similar to titans team, with slight differences.

  • Tiburtus/Kunchen
  • Panther
  • Khiona
  • eventually Miki/Tarlak

Then you want or fast heroes to charge easily (Kageburado, Seshat, Thoth or even Sartana) or massive damage dealers (Mok-Arr, Quintus)

Is Hel a must have hero for competitive scoring in events? Answer: nope.

Once again, where she shine mostly? Attack raiding, various quests.

Now tell me, is Neith really that different now?


I think we can agree to disagree in the Hel and Neith comparisons.

When I think of priority purple heroes Hel is #2 overall in ascension order behind Panther. Hel is that important in events especially when you are just starting out. The beautiful thing about the mana control ability of Hel is the best hero we can compare Hel with is a four star Atlantis hero. Proteus is the comparison I make when I think of Hel :grin:


Now that Neith has been released, everyone can draw their conclusions.

In my opinion, she is useful, nothing more than that. As useful as any 4 * median. Neither strong nor good, as some nerf advocates have propagated.

The players, including me, tested it. She falls far short of current HOTMs. To expect most players to like it or appreciate its efficiency, is to underestimate people’s judgment. I know some are really happy with her, I respect those opinions, but I don’t think it’s a feeling from most players.

Anyway, each one owns their game. Know what you want to pursue and maximize. I just know I don’t want to level heroes of this caliber. I hope she and Aegir 1.0 will alert us to the announcement of aggressive nerfs in future heroes. As consumers and gamers, we can ask for better heroes, worth our effort, time and money.


Overpowered - people rant.
Underpowered - people rant.

Never satisfied, eh?


My Joon is satisfied now eh :call_me_hand:
Edit: As players that face horrible odds to draw these heroes we deserve better.

@Wormwood posted his thoughts a few days ago and I’m happy he did cuz I faced his defense with Neith +13 at the beginning of the month and thought maybe he knew something I didn’t. I almost power leveled Neith despite my reservations. Then I saw his thoughts and conclusion. That confirmed what I’ve thought since she was nerfed.

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I don’t think so, @Olmor. Very little power and wasted potentials don’t look good to me. It leaves me with a sense of missed opportunity. In Neith’s case, it could have been avoided. She is two inches better than Margaret and 10 inches less useful than Anzogh.


If she could also heal 10%, she was a little bit of everything. :wink:


When you just start the game Neith is about same as important and same game changer if you don’t have so many 5*.
Heck, even Anzogh can change your game experience at first.
What really change about them is the context.

Hel “born” in a game where she was totally the best character, and keeped shine as one of the most desired heroes for much time.

People have still that image in their minds, but power creep doesn’t spare anyone.

Hel is not one of the most powerful heroes in the game anymore. At least there are several other heroes that can change your game experience same as her.

People overall already noticed this with Ares (great hero slipped in mediocrity by power creep) but fail to see it in Hel.

Neith born in a context where she is already that. And the fact that she is not “brutally outstanding” as soon as released don’t like to the playerbase.

Now switch for a moment Neith and Hel.
Pretend Neith would be the first HotM released in june 2017 (totally broken) and Hel in november 2019.

Now you had none complaint about Neith, but several complaint about Hel dealing a mediocre damage.

That’s just perspective.
The reality is that Neith is a hero that fit really well in the game.


I can agree but using Hel as an example is a little hard to swallow for me.

She is still a game changer even if the release dates were switched. Just less awesome as compared when she first released.

Neith is very much usable but falls to mediocrity for those who are chasing that one hero to fill up their fully loaded rosters.


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