Neith – New November 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I’d probably max her , but for attack only. I’m short on yellows and fourth in my yellow 4-stack is Li Xiu so Neith would be an upgrade in my case.
I still hope for White Rabbit though…

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@King_Kyree77 I will try that. I had her at flank because she is the only dispeller and because she is purple… thought was she might charge and one shot someone before a justice went down against a purple stacked attacker. However, I’m getting my butt handed to me ever since I implemented this all 5* team. The previous 15 to 20 wars opponents would usually stop trying after wasting 20 to 25 heroes and only getting my tank down. I was using Melandor/Anzog/Li Xiu/Rigard/Grimm. Feeling a little discouraged after putting so much time in on what I thought would be a pretty hard team to take out…plus replacing a 3980 power with a 4200 power. Thanks for the suggestion, I will let you know after next war if I fare any better.

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Inari isn’t quite as good as a reviver like North or Alby, but… she’s not terribly far off at saving a team. This usually happens when a board dries up. If the board is utterly terrible to start, most teams die. But some teams have a hard time if the board goes south after a couple matches - this is where Inari turns the tide.

I like her a lot.

I run Jackal +20; Inari; Delilah; Drake +11; Posiedon.

The team is a pretty good balance of offence and survivability.


I basically use her like Margaret.

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… Never?

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Margaret is a staple in my mono green. :wink:

I got lucky and pulled Neith pretty early on in this month. Picked her up on 10x pull #2 along with Victor (+15 EHT’s yielding nothing).
(SS Below, will edit with a Link to my Halloween Pulls when it’s done).

Initial thoughts are that she’s a bit more underwhelming than I expected her to be… I’ve only taken her on farming expeditions so far and, at present, am hesitant to level her up.

The damage she deals is OK but has been dramatically reduced since the initial Beta appearances. Her Blind is good but I personally believe that, while doing less blind, Drake Fong is a more solid hero for that as he’s got a bit more survivability and does a higher % damage.

In terms of the mana cut, I can see it being useful but not enough to displace another of my Yellow team heroes. I definitly don’t see her taking a spot on my Purple Titan squad any time soon…

I am not 100% sure what my next yellow project is going to be but I suspect I will max a second Jackal then likely start working on either Neith, Joon or Owl (mainly for shts & gigs)

My yellow raiding team is:
Inari, Rana, Onatel (+11), Drake Fong (+6) and Guardian Jackal (+15)

My Purple Titan team is:
Wu Kong, Inari, Rana, Onatel, Drake and Guardian Jackal.


Joon Joon Joon and more Joon

20 Joon characters


How can I upload video here please help

@Frozen there’s no way to upload videos directly to the Forum, but if you upload them to another service like YouTube and post the URL, it will automatically embed the video on the Forum for playing.


Thank you zephyr I have 2 videos on YouTube

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When I found it again I will post and another video


This only show me how useless is Neith (I already knew that anyway). The attacker used a single purple, had an average board (not even decent) and his cleanser died before to have a chance to fire. Still, so easy win… That couldn’t have happened with Guin in there and anyone who still possess some brain, can understand this :smile:


True, but he was very lucky.
If you look Evelyn and Kingston special under blind effect, none of them miss the target. Evelyn not even 1 out of 3.

If both of them missed at least some, could the raid be any different?
Can’t know for sure.

Neith buys a turn, does initial damage and blinds. Guin buys 2 turns, shields 3 up against the dark stack and heals 3.

Imo both are almost at equal tank quality. Guin still a bit ahead due to her HoT. Guin could be sniped immediately after 1 or 2 turns, since blinded enemies may miss.

You don’t need a cleanser against Guin. Dispelling isn’t much of an issue.

Both have pros and cons as tank. Both are also decent attackers.

I couldn’t decide…

I have made 5 or 6 battles against her and the result was the same, when I strikes the specials and I dont haven’t and one miss and for this i am thinking she is something broken

I met Neith in all positions so far, even wings :joy: The hero is like non existent. I do not have such great heroes like many other do; most of my heroes are classics. Still, for me Neith is one of the most useless hotm in the game as long as never was a threat for me. For noobs may be. But not for me. There are a lots of yellows much better than her. But hey, if the people want to use her in defense, that means only one thing: good news for me. I would love my opponents to replace Guin, Drake and Onatel with her :smile:


Could be a coincidence, could be a bug. I don’t really know.
It suppose to miss, even very much sometimes.
Under Wu Kong effect how much we miss usually? :joy:

As other heroes that work by chance (like Justice, Wu, Drake, Inari, Margaret and so on…) that would be times when she absolutely change anything, and times where it totally reverse the flow of a battle.

Judging her by a single match is almost useless.

If i show you a raid where people miss every single shot after her, would she be any different then before?

Answer: nope, always the same hero.

I was expected much more than her, when I heard for this hero I was very excited and now when its released with this nerf I am very disappointed. I will get it to max but I dont know if i will use it.

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I want to point out how blind effect is one of the most controversial and changed skills from empires and puzzle history.

Here they added the status effect miss on the skill (before only the hit missed, status effects always applied)

Here it was lowered by 5% (it was 5% higher before)

Here each individual hit from an AoE is considered as a single and not as a whole (before or all the hits were a miss, or all a hit)

All this to understand how much it is difficult to give to blind effect a real “value”.


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