Neith – New November 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

So far we have taken the discussion away from Neith in a few lines…


If you have Drake/Joon and a mana cutter, save your gems for another HotM.

Oh boy she is so unloved. The next yellow HOTM better be good.

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You can couter Neith with Ursl.

I met Guin, Kunchen, Kingston, Neith and Athena…


I buy 13000 and all spend to dark hero. Only i get cyprian 99% rare hero… dont buy gems!!!


Excellent team, @Olmor.:heart_eyes:



:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

I will always have Anzog on my defense. He is a freaking beast at flank. My current defense is Albriech/Anzog/Justice/Seshat/Ariel. Anzog basically gives me a 6th member as if I have 3 attackers and 3 healers. With all the mana boosts at my wings Anzog saws down a whole team in 3 to 5 turns.


There is no such thing as collectively.

Flip a coin a million times and get heads a million times.

Your chances for tails with your million and oneth flip is not the collective chance of 1,000,001.

It is still a 50-50 chance. For that single action, and that single action only.

The universe does not care what happened before, nor how many times it happened before.

You remain dedicated to refusing to understand this. Your persistence is impressive.

Maybe when I explain it to you for the 1,000,001st time, you might, might, just might start to understand…

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I would personally switch Seshat and Ariel in order to have Ariel trigger sooner. Once that happens, you’ll have a continuous cycle of Ariel and Alby going. It can really be a pain.

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Besides Seshat is designed to be wing. Just at this war tonight, they had to attack me 3 times to take me down (after second attack Seshat was still standing in the corner).


You’re right.

But what is your chance of getting heads at least once in 1,000,000 tries?

Maybe soon you’ll start to understand :wink:


For example… if you flip a coin 3 times (3 draws) where you want to get heads just once at a 50% chance…

The possible outcomes are:


8 possible outcomes.

7 of them have heads at least once.

Thus, even though heads only has a 50% chance of showing up each flip (as shown), your odds of getting heads at least once in 3 flips is actually 87.5% (7/8)

The same works for hotm at 1.5%
Each draw is only 1.5%, regardless of the draws before or after, but, the more draws you do, the higher your chance to have drawn the hotm, at least once, at some point.

I’m only persistent because you seem to be telling people you have a 1.5% chance with 1 draw, and a 1.5% chance with 1,000 draws. Which is WRONG even though each individual draw, yes, is 1.5%


yeah, counter the damage and the blind, but not the mana cut - so equivalent to guin here

would appreciate some more experiences offensive wise. where would you rank her under the yellow 4stars in offense (sure, always depends on the rest of the team, but anyhow). last dart is coming up soon from shiloh quest and I need to decide if I consider her for ascension (would then need to start leveling her).

She definitely is a cool attacker.
Cuts mana and blinds all.
Damage will also be dealt to all.


Dude this D has been pretty solid so far.

I see a lot more + and I don’t drop a ton of cups. I still drop but that is the nature of the game.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Raid VS Neith flank, Kunchen tank, finally…


She can’t take out and one hero, the mana cut it’s too small the only one where I see good on this video it’s her resist


@Frozen, yes I agree, Neith fire twice, at the very end fight I can see the mana cut is too small. But the 1st Neith fire at 1:03 mana cut is zero, because status ailment Poseidon is still active.

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@jinbatsu I know it because I face it on tank position and on flang

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