Neith needs a buff

I understand everything you said, I’ve been watching this topic since day one, but there is something wrong with Neith.

I’ve been experimenting with her and taking her with me in almost every team whether it is for farming, raids, war, etc. I even considered resetting her emblems after reaching level 20 and going down the other path to see if something differs about her. So here is my review of her because I will stop experimenting with her and waste more time and resources on her.

I got her from one random pull, I think it was during an event. That month I decided her stats and special effects are not worth it, so I decided not to aim for her.

I’m stating this because I don’t want someone to think she was my first or only 5* hero or my first HoTM and I was excited to have her and made the mistake of maxing her and now I want the game to fix her and make her OP, no not even OP, I want her to kill all her opponents with a single strike! And that she is not designed to be a tank, and I want her to be a tank and a sniper and everything lol


A few people here kept saying she’s strong so I gave her a chance and ascended her to tier 3. And wrote a comment here that she’s not worth the ascension materials and a lot agreed with me, but again a few said she’s strong and you will only experience her true powers when she’s maxed and given some talents. So I did that, out of curiosity and to prove them wrong. I ended up maxing her talents when I think the vast majority didn’t reach the 15th node. I chose the shield and health path because she was so fragile in my eyes. I wanted her to live long enough to fire her special twice at least. Her damage for Sniper class is a joke, and continued to be a joke after going down the shield path and ignoring her attack.

I will stop here to say it’s not fair for a HoTM to not show its marvel before being maxed and emblemed 15+ (I felt the difference when she reached the 19th node lol). And it’s not fair that if one doesn’t have mana troops, again he/she will not experience her true marvel. Most HoTM show how great they are even before tier 3.

I tried her in teams with Li Xiu, Li Xiu in costume and with both. I defeated the opponent but still there is something wrong with Neith. If her mana cut is enough, why take them with her? Would one take Colen to assist Grave Maker or would one take Hu Tao to assist Drake Fong? Alright, a few of you would say, she is a niche and suppose to be a Jack of all trades. Okay…

I took her with Joon, Leonidas and Onatel, too. I didn’t take Hu Tao with her though.


In raids, the best team she worked well in, was a team where I added Vivica to assist Rigard. Yes, two healers! Because she lived long enough, her blind effect was more than I expected to be honest. I didn’t care about her mana cut. I pretended it was not there and I didn’t take other heroes with mana cut effect. It’s easy to recover from a 10% mana cut anyways no matter how some say it saved them many times.

So, my conclusion is that besides her damage, her defense and health are weak. Even when I took the shield path. I noticed a few days too that when my whole team’s defense was reduced because of Kunchen, I think, My Rigard needed 3 more purple tiles to cleanse and heal my team. Neith’s health was almost full; it was the beginning of the raid. Neith died from 2 normal strikes from 2 different heroes! Not special effect strikes at all. Do I need to say again that she is maxed and +20 shield path? The rest of my team lived.

Also, recently in the Halloween event I noticed she received the greatest damage. Even more that other heroes who I chose the sword path for them, and even more than a 4* Rigard in costume +1 talent only.


I know the game developers are busy with new S3 heroes and new event heroes, lots of bugs to fix, Ninja Tower, or maybe like a few said that they didn’t think Neith needs a buff even if 220 of us voted for a buff. I only gave my opinion about her and my honest review. Now, she goes back to the bench. I will strip her of her emblems and give them to Athena or Lianna. Maybe to Khagan in costume when I get it. I have lots of reset emblems. I heard he will be one of the best snipers in the game. I will turn off notifications of this topic. Good luck to all.



I still think Neith is a good hero, better of most of later HotM.
Yes, she could have a bit more punch and still not be broken, but that’s just searching desperately a problem in her.

Her best part is the blind effect, which alone can totally change the outcome of a battle.

Must say my 3-2 yellow stack together with Leonidas and Guinevre (all of them not emblemed) is particulary effective.
All 3 of them are not heroes really loved for attack, but they sinergy pretty well and charge (troop wise) at the same time.


My Neith is still at 3-70 but only because I have other yellows I wanted first. I still use her at 3-70 and she still works for what she does.

The never ending issue it seems is people want her to do all she does but a lot better.

She’s not supposed to be that…she’s a good jack of all trades. If you want a better blind for Titans etc etc there’s Joon or now Bai.

You want more mana to be removed there’s Leo.

But there’s no hero that does it all to all enemies. That’s the niche. When she works well she feels utterly busted…stopping specials, making people miss, doing damage.

As above the direct damage could be a bit more but if you are taking Neith for that then you are doing it wrong IMHO

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Llianna from tc20 is more valuable than Neith to me on offense. In an emblems competition, I wish I had emblemed Llianna. A HOTM should be better. I vote for buffing Neith.


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