Neith can't resist lepiota

With the latest update we get this :

That’s nice. I tried it and it’s already active, miki can now resist her.

That’s how lepiota reads.

The important part reads like “the target can’t gain mana”

This is neith.

She is imun against specials that stop manageneration.
So she should definitely also resist lepiota. Before nobody resisted so it was maybe OK. But now with miki resisting neith should also. Either both or non, because you can’t use your special and you can’t gain mana so both passive abilities should trigger.


I don’t really understand why SGG changed that. Clerics don’t block Lepiota which would be consistent with the change.

With that being said, their passives are different since Miki’s blocks any ailment that blocks usage of special skills (Alfrike or Zocc for example) and Neith’s blocks ailments that stop mana generation (Proteus or Hel). So it appears to be working as intended.

Of course they are different, but that doesn’t mean it works as it should.
Lepiota’s ghost Form prevents you from gaining mana. Neiths passive should resist that.

Yes she also prevents you from using your special, so it’s somewhat logical that miki and similar passives can resist.

So if not being able to use your special with miki is enough to block the whole ghost Form so should not being able to gain mana be enough for neith to block the whole ghost Form.


If it functioned like you are suggesting it should then clerics should be able to mana shield Lepiota’s special too but they can’t.

They basically only wanted one mechanic (blocking of special skills) to resist her so according to that it is working as intended. Maybe they will change it down the road, who knows?

Yes, Neith should be able to resist it

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Because the description is not completed for every aspect on game.
I think by logic in Ghost or Abyss Ghost form, can’t do anything outside tile damage.
Target being disappear for 4 turns.

So, any resist or passive abbility shouldn’t active. It is completely as ghost.
Ghost form should not gain/reduced mana or/and health.

It is up to developer of course how it works, but as I understand, maybe that’s what they think.

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Yes, that’s one way it could be and I would be cool with that. Problem is the recent change with miki.

Either all or nothing. But as it is now its inconsistent.


Did you check if Neith got mana despite being in ghost form?
I f she got maba her passive skill eozld be honored. She cant use her mana while in ghost form.
Mikis passive is to resist all blocks of his special. Because he cant use his special in ghost form, he wont enter it.

We have to know if nNeith got mana, if yes it works as stared, if not its broken…

Happy gaming

Lepiota was fine as is, and as far as I understood it, only ailment protection and Monk Withstand would cause her Abyss Ghost to fail.

now that this has changed, i agree that it’s inconsistent, especially because Clerics can’t Manashield it when they can Manashield the same ailments that Elradir and Miki have innate resistances to.

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