Neglected or forgotten heroes

Poor Tyrum, he’ll forever be stuck on special skill level 7 out of 8 as I have too many others to level.

I did for a time try to feed Tyrum purple 1* heroes, and himself, to get his special up but I gave up in the end, especially after Little John came along. I couldn’t be bothered to wait for 4 Tyrums either.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has abandoned ship on any of their heroes.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you play long enough, you will eventually dump all your 3* heros (once you have enough fours and fives for the war). I fed all my threes last summer and do not miss them. And no, I care not for the rare monthly challenge.

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Lol, I still want that world energy flask though as a reward.

I keep the bare minimum 3* for rare events and feed all others.

How long have you been playing by the way?

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I have been playing thirteen months and dumped my threes after eight months. Once you get some TC-20s going, having plenty of four and five star heros to use in the war won’t be a problem.

Cool. I usually have three TC20s running but like my rares anyway. To each their own.


I have been playing for 16 months. I have long had enough 4* and 5* heroes to field six rainbow teams for AW.

I’m currently training a few more 3* heroes. For Rare events and for the occasional stacking against colour-coordinated AW tanks. :slight_smile:

(… plus I’m down to my last pair of gloves …)


I was excited to get a couple of 3* s.2 heroes.

Melia was duly levelled and is a little firecracker.

But then 5* at last started dropping and so Namahage and Gato are in the queue behind Sartanta, justice, Horghall and Domitia…

And probably will be forever. :cry:

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Most of my 3* haven’t been fed in months. Once I get their special skill maxed (by only feeding dupes) I dump em for my current projects. …And I still haven’t found my way back to them (except Brienne, she’s stubborn and won’t max out). They only see the light of day during challenge events, and even then they should be leveled more so I can actually finish without stressing about most of them dying lol. Too many 4* & 5* to level first [for everything else] before those 3* ever get the attention they deserve.

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I usually keep 2 of each 3* heroes colors for event purposes, based on elemental reflective attributes.The rest will become snacks to higher grade level heroes!

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Nashgar. Still at 3/8, will always be at 3/8. I think I’d prefer to level another one rather than attempt to get this one to 8/8. At least you can see progress when you are levelling.

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Had the same issue with mine. First Nashgar got to 5/8 and just wouldn’t budge, so I decided to level a second for events, and well, hopefully get it to 8/8.

Lo and behold, it hit 5/8 and stopped too. Now I just feed them any extra Nashgars I pull. First is still at 7/8…:persevere:


Once upon a time, I got a Chochin maxed at 4/8 on special skills. I fed him to complete my Proteus before the event…
I have another one at 2x something and 4/8 and I will max him after Sartana.
I have my Berden (one of my first favorite hero) who has been stuck at 6/8 for a long time, I gave up on him but recently, I pulled 2 more and was able to get him at 7/8, doing 2 elevation.
I have some others stuck at 7/8 and I fed them one recruit sometimes… It worked for one but I don’t remember who it was.
So I will try and keep them because they are close. I think the limit for me is special skill 6/8, under that, they are food for me (it doesn’t happen often) and I need some places for my recruits…