Negative vote button in this forum category (Ideas & Feature Requests)

I write this as an separate thread, but keep in mind, i had an explicite thread i whished i could DISvote für the idea.

Why? You can see it within this thread :wink:

I have the idea, to add an DISvote / negative vote button to the threads in this category, so you have to choice to show, if you like the idea and press the “Vote”-Button, or not and press the “Disvote”-Button. And the “not” should be counted.

You don’t like my idea? Hmm, that’s a Pro for it :smile: Actually there’s no chance to express this in an easy countable matter, you’ve just the possibility to write an reply.

I’m sorry if “Disvote” is the wrong expression. I’m not an native english speaker and i used translations sites, but found no other equivalence than “Negative vote”, which i hope both are the terms i’d like to talk about

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