Negative reviews of heroes

Profoundly some 5* are quite bad. But there are other 5* which are not so bad and they receive so much hate. One reason might be that players with very strong heroes underestimate the less stronger heroes. Another reason is that people who get a decent 5* they wish the hero would have been stronger. So throwing hate to a hero and hoping for an upgrade is another tactic. One more reason for negative reviews is probably the fact of not actually having the hero and probably not having the knowledge to use him properly or to combine the hero with other heroes. So my message for the average player is don’t get disappointed from the negative reviews. Max your hero use the hero properly from the level you currently are, find how the hero works and then conclude if its good or not.


Remember, a lot of people give advice based on THEIR needs and thoughts. If someone truly needs advice they should ask with things like what level are they at/ do they spend a lot / are they lacking in a certain color…etc. There are a lot of factors they would lead me personally in how to advise them. But when someone just says “they suck”, I wouldn’t take that opinion into consideration at all.


yup! the best advice is tailored advice,

and again I refer to voidstrike’s ToS!


The saying goes one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Just because a hero may not be good in one aspect, doesn’t mean it’s a bad hero

and the purpose of a hero has to be considered, too. some heroes have a niche versus Titans, on defense, etc. etc. etc…

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Just wrote that in another post :rofl:

And very true.

We needs what we needs, but what we needs isnt what everyone else needs. :yum:

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There is no bad heroes. Even the universally panned salmon loki (haha) has a use in this game. With some support, he is one of the best RNG heroes in the game by a long shot


Reviews of heroes should have context: saying that some hero is “garbage” should be “compared to what?” Similarly, if a hero is good, good for what, precisely — multipurpose, better at offense or better at defense, strong in a niche or in a particular combination?

That way, folks can decide how much a review aligns with their own experience and roster. Most players aren’t choosing what to potentially chase/ascend/emblem/LB/LB2 out of all the heroes in the game, but in a (often sharply) limited context.

Also? Carthago delenda est. #52RareQuestsAYear


I took the fish from FS. One day he will get those mats!

@Pr0spero @Tidyup Me too! My dark queue isn’t that inspiring at the moment so he’s even in with a shout to be next.

On that note - many players would tell me to save my 6 tabbards - but I don’t get ‘meta-decent’ purples anymore. But one of these will get them.

My queue:

Kemény - got lucky with a 10 pull in the last Gargoyles event but he’s sat at 1/1 until recently (thanks to the the renewed focus from SE). I love gargoyle heroes and then I faced him a couple of times. He’s a surprisingly nasty tank if you can’t get the tiles. I happen to have had a glut of sorcerers.

Phthonus - my only 5* seasons of love hero. Again, hasn’t ever seen the light of day but recently I’ve come up against him a couple of times and he’s been surprisingly painful. Not to mention debuffers are always useful. Slow heroes get unfairly slated because at the top tiers of raiding and war they rarely get time to fire - but if they fit your playstyle and you’re not in those echelons, he’s a decent hero,

Salmon Loki - does make such an amazing pairing with Matilda. I’d also like to pair him with Chameleon (another unfairly slated hero, still waiting for tonics)

Mortimer - Actually the least exciting to me - even though silence is very useful.

Uthragan - the reality is better than what’s on paper. Another nasty one.

Khonshu - basic but effective.


Many people also view heroes through the ‘defence team’ lens. It’s often been pointed out that you only have a couple of defence teams but a large number of offense teams. If you like a hero - take them to 3/70 and play with them. The S5 levels are useful because of the mana heroes - or cup-drop.

Thank you. Could not have said it better myself. Its painful to think that some players would actually get disappointed by their lucky pull after reading “reviews” and never get to experience how valuable or enjoyable they really are


Look at her anyway you want, Exeera is still total :poop: period
And yes, you guessed right, I pulled her… I love to have complete collections but she is the only one I genuinely consider giving away as SE fodder.

I can only vouch for salmon. I use telonius and motega to supplement his damage, easy 2.1k damage in one shot and that not even a max attack troop. And it’s fairly easy to set up. 2.1k damage means it’s shrugs off against any enemies with legendary troops

Interesting. I do have Motega lying around waiting for darts (but again, emblems are the main issue). I’d love Telonius.
Very useful to know!

For mana gen i go with myoin-ni because any team becomes phenomenal with her. You can try on map stages first. The damage is glorious

Hahaha, yup, I am sure some ppl actually really liked Gilligan, even though many would trade theirs in SE. I do wonder why there was so much hate on Gilligan too, Golden Axe was cool when I was a kid! :rofl::rofl:

Sry but this I don’t agree with. Unless the person has endless supply of 4* AM, maxing everything you got is not usually the advice I will give. But rather, max the special skill 8/8 and get it to lv 3/70, then play around with it and see if you like it and want to take the next step and use the rare 4* AM.

Even then it can be useless. Because if I don’t have the the hero being compared to, it is meaningless to me. Obviously for those who do, it is more useful because they can then put that hero in a lower priority or feed if they want. But blanket garbage statements are useless. It’s one of the reasons I don’t bother caring to read reviews and look through the threads for how some people will use them because I may have the same combination of heroes that could work together.

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Well… if I don’t have the hero being compared to, it tells me “this review may very likely be safely be disregarded by me, unless I have another similar hero or feel like I am somehow likely to.”

Being selective about which reviews are relevant to me can be a useful filter when I’m deciding what heroes to prioritize.


Like everything in life, you need context and many things that are “rubbish” for others are not actual rubbish and what is rubbish for you can be excellent for others.

Your bench is your bench and determines the value of each hero because you may have synergies that others can’t access (and vice-versa).

Too many opinions are stated as facts with great confidence. Recall the definition of a sales person “Often wrong. Never in doubt”. That applies here too.

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Ithar got severely slammed on release. A lot of people don’t have a deep understanding of strategy in this game. Typically if a hero doesn’t do a massive amount of damage or some new skill they get slammed these days.