Negative gems

Anyone seen this? Got an alliance member who went 6k gems in the hole. Log says he purchased something called cat’s contractions. Google didn’t turn up anything. He’s got a ticket opened but wondering if this is something wider spread.

He went to -6100 earlier this eve and now dropped further to -6677. So odd!

Usually negative gems are the result of a monetary refund or “something else”.


If he bought gems, used em and then went and contested the purchase getting a refund they take the gems away from your account.

I think SG finally started listening to me and started charging to buff Heroes.

We should compensate SG when a hero gets buffed


Negative Gem Balances are triggered by one of two things:

  1. You purchased & used gems in game. Then requested a refund from Apple or Google Play. If the gems were Unused, they are simply removed from your account. If you SPENT the gems already when requesting the refund, they are still removed but trigger a “Negative Gem Balance”

  2. Illegal Activity; usually triggered by purchasing unauthorised gem bundles… i.e. NOT those offered in game by SGG.

It’s worth noting that accounts with Negative Gem Balances usually end up getting suspended if the balance is not restored to 0. So probs best warning your alliance member.

Read more here:


Third party gem sellers!? What the h*ll?! You mean to tell me that’s actually a thing? How is that even possible?

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My ally is ready to quit, he’s quite emotional this evening so I don’t think he much cares if his account is suspended. As I mentioned, he opened a ticket and tells us the game indicates the gems were spent on something called cat’s contractions. Maybe he made it all up but that’s pretty specific. I’ll see if I can get him to provide a screen shot of the cat thing.

The offer is called Cat’s Contraptions and shows Cheshire Cat from the Riddles in Wonderland event. The offer is random and is in no way connected to the event just like today’s Stardust offer is in no way connected to Knights of Avalon despite the offer being presented by Merlin.

Much thanks to @Pois1 for his impressive database of screenshots for every offer in the game.

Prices shown here are in the Czech Koruna (since Pois is from Czech Republic):

@marlenus, your alliance mate could’ve purchased the offer a while ago, and SG is just now resolving the issue. Did your alliance mate accidentally purchase that offer and later seek a refund? He can check his purchase history through Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, or other store he uses to download apps or check his statement from the bank account or credit card used to make the alleged purchase around the time it was supposedly made.

It should also be noted that not everybody receives the same offers at the same time unless that has since changed.


He probably cheated, plain and simple.

CONTRAPTIONS!!! Hahahaha that makes a lot more sense than cat’s contractions :smiley:


That’s a shame, I see a negative gem balance as a useful thing that helps staying f2p.

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Hello guys. One of my team players has this issue. It shows that he has -3700gems in his account. He says that also loot ticket has dissapeares and now he has only three tickets

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Maybe this can help:


Ouch. That’s painful.

He also has 7 unread messages. I would imagine at least one of them will have something to do with this.

But the last person who I knew had this did what @Magnifique said. They bought a bundle and did the summons and when they only pulled 3* they angrily requested a refund. It was a while ago but from memory he had to buy the gems again, at non-special rate or lose the account. Can’t recall how it ended, he left the alliance at the time and haven’t seen him since

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