Negative Gems Balance

Recieved notice that google refunded money, which resulted in a negative gems balance.

I did not ask for a refund. I contacted Google, google sent me information stating that nothing was refunded. Support is REFUSING to correct this issue. I keep getting a generic reply, and threats to suspend my account.

So, you want me to spend MORE money, even though NOTHING was returned?

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I have never experienced any issues of this nature, but IF SG does ban your account based on false premises that google can easily check in this case, I’m fairly confident that Google will refund any funds you have used in game.

However, I hope this issue is sorted for you so you can continue to play :slight_smile:

That’s the thing I would like to keep my account, I just think SG should right their wrong.

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Ask google to contact SG? Show google documentation of your communications with SG.

Google said I have to launch a formal complaint, to get the problem solved. Which, will probably result in me losing my account anyway. I just hope SG will help make this right. I have provided all of the correct documentation stating there was no refund issued, and it was still ignored.

I’m really sorry you are having this issue :frowning: But I have no more suggestions other than keep trying :frowning:

Thanks hun… I’m at a loss

You should contact SG through the in-game support button (it’s under options) and send in a ticket. Individual cases aren’t discussed on the forum

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I have, and I keep getting generic replies and absolutely no real assistance. Nobody have even looked at the attached files showing that it was a mistake.

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