Negative Gem Count from Refund

Hi All

One of my Alliance members had recently requested a refund. This was done however they were then put into a negative Gem balance.

Today he gets a notification saying that he will be suspended if he doesn’t get his balance upto or over 0.

Did anyone else experience this and how do we work around this as we cannot lose a valued member of our alliance to a technicality like this.

If anyone has email addresses or contact details for him to try to have this resolved it would be most appreciated.


If he bought gems, spend them and then request refund, its normal.
He need to buy more gems to be over 0 if he wants to keep playing.


You can find more infos here:

Negative gems - General Discussion - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

He / she will need to contact support ingame…


No details on what the refund was for. Double billing? Incorrect billing - as in never made the purchase ?

Refund requests by players from their respective Apple/Google stores are a no-go in this game.

SGG processes refunds, any refund, by deducting gems from player’s gem bank balance in his account, based on their prescribed gem-equivalent value.

Say your mate bought 4800 gems.
Used 4800 gems.
Asked for refund.
SGG docks your mate’s account by 4800 gems.
Net result = negative 4800 gems.

Your mate has to make good the gem deficit to continue playing this game. Within the proscribed time. Otherwise his account will be banned once grace time expires.


The only reason your alliance colleague is showing a negative balance of gems is - if he purchased them, used them up and after using them requested a refund of the payment.
If his money was refunded then it’s right that SG then deducts the gems used which will put the account into a negative gems balance.
If everything has been actioned correctly and there is no mistake (technical error) on either side, I am sorry but there is no work around.


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