Neema – 5* Fire / Red - November 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Got 4 too. And 4 Uthragans…i think Neema is great but i stìll have a backlog of 3 red heroes…which reminds me…when is the next Soul Exchange?

Last time… They announced early a few hero in successive weeks… We haven’t heard ■■■■… So… December maybe.

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Thanks! Maybe its a Xmas presents this time…like all the best heroes, the ones no one ever dreamt of getting. Not really, this is Empires after all -

How does she compare to Brimstone?

Brimstone can’t bypass taunt Which neema does. Her fiends are pretty strong.
Otherwise brimstone is a beast way stronger than neema

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Brim is amazing. Neema is a niche counter to taunt… Good, but not amazing.

The only good result from my black Friday summon. All I got was 3* heroes. Its also my 1st time in almost 5 years playing getting 3 HoTM in a row (from Areax, Uthragan, and now Neema).


I also finally get her, but from Valhalla portal yesterday:


She is going to replace Khagan :smiley: :partying_face:


Just checked out your YouTube channel. Good stuff. Greetings from Gay Cove (Gay Harbor) btw

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Neema & Brimstone pair well together. Fire Brimmy 1st & that attack of Neema increases dramatically also, those fiends soak up most of the healing applied which is a nice touch & something that is often forgotten about.


Just got Neema to go with my Ray.

I like niche heroes. I think neema will be on my second anti taunt team.

Now I’m curious, who’s on your primary anti taunt team?

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Malosi. Then i have a variation of Fortuna and ray.

I know people like hypnos for that role… But not on my roster.

This hero doesn’t stops mana spreading or defence buff from Ludwig. Oh now I get it she doesn’t block enemies buffs. Disappointing. Would have been amazing if she could do that as well. At least she blocks taunt although she doesn’t remove it when she cast her special which is one more minus. I think what I like most is her huge minions against healers. Anyway. Good hero but not great

She’s a niche hero against taunt… To expect her to do things she doesn’t because you misread the card… Not her fault.

Do you think she will forgive me one day?