Needs tips and strategy for utilizing time stop and tornadoes

I have finally managed to forge time stops and tornadoes. Our alliance is fighting 8-10* titans. Aside from the obvious taking wu kong and 2-3 opposing colors, i need tips on how to utilize time stops and tornadoes to get a better titan hit such as :

  • what other battle items to complement time stop and/or tornadoes
  • when is the right time to use them during battle
  • best titan to use them against
    Thank you for sharing

Tornado’s are incredibly powerful for titans and challenge events. For titans I always use tornadoes, arrow attacks, and super mana potions + antidotes, turtle banners, bear banners, or healing potions for red/yellow, blue, green, or purple titans respectively. You want to use tornadoes when you have a poor board and don’t see any way to make a combo, especially if the board has many tiles of the same color anyways, which increases the chance of getting a combo immediately after using the tornado.

Time stops are a little harder to use effectively, so I use most of my dragon bones to make dragon attacks instead. I only use time stops against difficult challenge event or quest levels, like the end of Shiloh Desert or Springvale Tournament.You can make a few matches to let the enemy bosses charge to 50-75%, then use the time stop to remove that mana. They’re not the best for general use, but will get you through some levels you wouldn’t normally be able to beat.


This is an old thread but I checked the forum before I posted mine and this seemed to fit.

The question I have is related but I would love some more elaboration.

Timestops, I get when to use those. Either you need a couple moments to build up your mana and/or you want to cut a titan’s special out.

Tornadoes are super expensive and I’ve seen players burn through them like candy. One player, for example, uses 2-3 tornadoes to start a titan to fill up all his team’s specials, in replacement for mana when he’s out of materials. Then he goes about his business and wrecks the titan for 50-70k damage. Another player carries tornadoes as “board insurance” and only uses them if she freezes to find a match or gets a horrible board.

What are some “use cases” that others employ? I have about 30-40 tornadoes stocked up but don’t want to waste them frivolously.

And other than events, (random question), is there really any good use for those dragon attacks? Seems expensive for so little damage. Axes appear to be much better for the cost.

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