Needn't even say anything

I personally would do C Mel, C Kiril, Mist, Uraeus and Proteus in that matchup. Unless you have C Gormek?

Edit: Tried out this team myself against a roughly equal team to the one you faced. Spent about 200K in ham looking for a Freya in classic formation and failed, so ended up testing out an alliance mate’s defense.

I actually won 5 in a row using this team but I didn’t press the record button for the first 4.


Once your mana troop reaches lv 21 it’s more than sufficient even for average speed heroes. I use 2 blue, 2 green and 1 purple and unless my board is dominant in yellows and red, most of the time it’s victory for me. Unless I’m fighting the top players with all lv30 mana troops, of course that will be tougher

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Sorry dude, but I don’t think you quite get it. Raid up with a powerful attack team and your weak cup dropping defense will get slaughtered. It’s neither rocket science or a new game mechanic. Sorry.

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What does it say about you when you come to a thread where someone is requesting help, is getting advice without being patronised just to get in a cheap shot? Everything I need to know. Please go somewhere else.


It’s his very typical MO sadly. But usually he floats off for a while before coming back with some frothing shot at “the fanboi’s”.

But I’m pretty sure I’m blocked already :joy:

What I give Homaclese huge respect for is that he will try and help people who are struggling. He raids and wars very differently to me but gets results against Top 50 alliance defences week in and week out.

People who are frustrated are usually either picking a poor synergy team or not playing the board as well as they could. Me included.


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Yeah man, you, like, tell 'em or something. Are we done here? Your personal vendetta is pathetic. Get lost.

On the actual topic, it looks like you’ve got a few very good heroes to choose from.

I mostly raid in a 3-2 config, rarely use mono anymore.

My usual MO is to stack 3 against the tank and choose the other 2 based on the strongest other enemy and their skills.

Reverse formation makes it a bit more tricky, I usually stack 3 against one of the wings.

Also worth mentioning is the methodical play @Homaclese is talking about. Try to think about which tiles useless to you you can dump into which enemy and have a careful look at which moves generate the most Mana for you. I often find making a bomb out of four gems is less useful, you can often make two three matches for a total of six tiles.

My win rate with this is quite good, I’m currently at 19 wins from 21 attacks.


thanks by the answer I will follow this tactic for future onslaughts.


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I saw your video
I’m grateful because it’s very useful
Thank you so
I already managed to win easier today

I also left a grimbel full because I saw yours yesterday and enjoyed it in action yesterday
it is ready today


Now that’s what I call a happy result :grinning:

Good choice levelling Grimble. When he first came out no-one could see the point of him, but then the minion makers started to flood the game and he came into his own. Plus, of course, he has the funniest animation in the game, by a short (goat’s) length from Eichbelborg dropping a barbell on the enemy’s head.

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Lool he must be taking 5 unleveled 3* to fight a 5k team power.

I can’t “like” this enough.

Whilst it started as a pretty typical complaint post you were willing to evolve beyond that and ask for help and most importantly of all you took that feedback onboard, and to good effect it seems. I am proud of your efforts and happy for your result. I have said it before and I will say it again - if people want to grow in this game then they have already taken the first step towards doing that.

Very happy to hear this, I must have missed Grimble in your roster. I have been using him since the beginning when he was hugely “niche” and once Fera and Breya gained dominance he has become one of the most powerful heroes (and fun to use) available in the game. The dominance of these minion making tanks seems to be on the decline but Grimble should serve you well for a good amount of time into the future as these old minion heroes will not completely disappear, and new ones are steadily appearing. You will not regret getting him up and using him.

Thank you for giving me back some faith in the forum and in players’ desire to use it for its original intended purpose of gaining knowledge


What an uplifting thread… this thread here represents the best of the forums. kudos to all those who gave patient advice, and kudos to the original poster for being willing to learn!


@Uclapack and @JekylandHyde have been personally extremely useful to me… @NittanyLionRoar early videos are great too.

On Youtube look up Dator, Lion roar and jekylandhyde I think?


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