Needn't even say anything

lost grace long ago

the stones of the board regardless of the formation that you always take with the way to bring defeat

I think that in a game you have 5 elements, use 4 and I came up with a board full of a single color

then they say that the game doesn’t define who will win
I’ve been hitting the same key for more than 4 months
for a change useless

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Being completely blunt thr above just shows that you are not following the best strategies to creating your teams and moving your tiles and executing your specials.

I’ve gotten to a very high level of consistency in the game with far less reliance on the starting board with knowledge and experience. Happy to help you, if you prefer that path rather than blaming the tile luck


I think it’s just time to you find other way, use different heroes, different formations, I use always different heroes doesn’t matter the power of my opponent, I like to use a weak team in my defense to lose, then BANG!!! I do my revenges without much problem. If you need help, here’s a good place to find it, we always have something to share and to learn at same time…


you’re kidding
I’ve been playing for over 3 years
you assemble a team for an onslaught
with 3 different elements
and there are no stones to activate your heroes in 3 matches
I’m sorry you can only be kidding

Show us what you see.

Record 10 consecutive raids where you take 3 different colors and those colors don’t turn up. Heck, record just 5. I’d love to see what you are seeing because i don’t see anything like that on my side.
I am happy to record on my side too, so you can see how randomly distributed my boards are

they are there
where is the error?

That is only showing your results. It is not showing the boards you get. Please record and post your boards if you want people to share in your experience.

Okay now I’m going to move stones to forward a defeat for my team but I will record yes



I see it every once in a while, but I get crazy good boards an equal amount of times.

Yes, same. I know how frustrating being almost entirely reliant on the starting board is, and that is why I turned my back on mono a long time ago. Most of my teams have at least 3 colours now and whilst I don’t win all of them I very rarely look back on a match and say that I lost it because of the board/lack of tiles. Rather it is due to the way I set up my teams, the way I played the board or my decisions around specials. This is why I would like to see consecutive raids showing how a board can be strarved enough of 3 colours that it is unwinnable

In both raids for your 3 colours you had:

  • 1 colour that had more than the expected average
  • 1 colour that had the expected average
  • 1 colour that had less than the expected average

That is as close to getting what you would expect from random distribution as it is possible to get without premedidating it. What are you expecting?

On a side note I can see why you are losing… do you want feedback?


a good average of stones
you are sure


where am I going wrong?
because I don’t even make any more attacks due to 80% being defeats

Here is a quick raid I recorded - didn’t have the flags for consecutive but I can do that later, if you want. I just wanted to show you that a typical board will have the tiles required to get the win, if you structure your team correctly and play well.

I will come back and give you feedback in a little bit, just a little busy at the moment

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Ok, so:

  1. Your team setup is not ideal against a Freya tank. Roster depth is probably a limiting factor here but even so it is probably possible to get a better team constructed vs Freya. For example at a minimum you want to have a defense down hero so that you can counter her defense up once she casts her skill otherwise you will never make a dent in anyone. A dispeller would also be good vs Krampus. So for example you could swap your two healers for C Kiril and C Mel. Can you share your roster?

  2. You had plenty of opportunities to get your matches and play a bit strategicially but you seem to rush your moves and also have a tendency to trigger diamonds and bombs straight away. You need to start playing more carefully - take a moment between making each move - and with more thought about who you want to activate, and in what special, and what will happen a few moves ahead (including which enemies will fire)

  3. When going up against Freya without a minion counter you should make her your priority. Concentrate your specials on her, and try to time them for maximum damage. If you don’t her minions will simply overwhelm you almost no matter what you do

That is it as a starting point - once we have a look at your roster I think we can get a bit more constructive


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