Needing some advice on raid team

Hello everyone,

I’ve been reading around on the forum for a while, but decided to finally make an account and ask the question myself. I’m having a hard time in raids. I just can’t seem to beat anyone with an equal or close team power.

I’m gonna list my current heroes and if you could give me some advice on who to use or who to hunt for that would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been bouncing around with my leveling but hopefully with some of your wisdom I’ll be able to finally focus on leveling a specific team.

I’m not overly concerned with titans at this time. I just wanna get a good grasp on raiding. Thank you all I’m advance. Here is my current hero list.

Red heroes:
Boldtusk 3/8
Azar 3/24
Sir Lancelot 1/35
Kelile 1/1

Blue heroes:
Valen 3/50
Grimm 2/44
Kiril 1/20
Sonya 1/1

Green heroes:
Brienne 3/39
Peters 2/26
Belith 3/41
Kashhrek 1/8

Purple heroes:
Merlin 2/50
Sabina 2/1
Rigard 1/1
Tyrum 2/40

Yellow heroes:
Wu Kong 3/29
Bane 3/50
Li xiu 1/1
Hi Tao 1/1

That’s it. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and once again I appreciate any and all feedback!

I’m far from the best but I’d go:

Grimm, Peter’s, Wu, Lancelot, Rigard

I think they’d be good once leveled


I would go Boldtusk, Grimm, Peters, Merlin, Wu.

Attack buffer, defense debuffer, 2 silencers, and the monkey king. I think that sounds super usable in a lot of situations.


A different POV:

First, you have some great cards! There’s excellent material here to work with.

Your top cards are:
Red: BT, Lancelot
Blue: Grimm, Kiril
Green: Brienne, Peters, Kashhrek
Yellow: Wu
Purple: Merlin, Sabina, Rigard

You have a lot of leveling up to do! I would be thinking about a core team to prioritize as:
Boldtusk / Grimm / Peters / Wu / Merlin

This team will be very strong on attacks. Peters and Merlin will be powerful controlling foe’s specials, Grimm knocks down defense, BT heals and buffs, Wu buffs.

Between Sabina and Rigard, it’s a close call. Sabina has much higher attack but lower defense. She debuffs the other team; Rigard clears your team’s status ailments. Both are valuable. If I don’t bring Rigard raiding, I avoid teams with Colen or Aslar.


Thank you for the feedback guys! My girlfriend loves her sonya and I like the idea of her debuff. I struggle against teams that have a counter striker in the middle.

Understood; consider Sabina. Grimm and Kiril are such strong blues. I still use Grimm regularly instead of fully ascended 5*. I know some top players who do the same with Kiril.

Do you think wu is really suited for raid attacks? Also, I see a lot of people use Caedmon. If I happen to get him should he replace peters?

Wu can make or break your team but I think he should be on the team without question. I don’t have Peter’s but I’d suggest keeping him. Caedmon is just a green Sonya but after you level Peter’s consider leveling other greens

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