Needing new recruits OZY OZY OZY

Hi all. We are a fairly new allience with 25 members and in need of new members to fill our allience.

There are no cup limits but we are after daily active players for titans as we are currently have members not participating in titan kills and these people will be removed as the allience fills ip to make way for active players.

We don’t do AW atm as we are not strong enough as well having a vouple of players not interested in doing them but having said that it doesn’t mean we never will.

I make all members level 20 and over elders and we all help and cheer each other on. Being daily active players means where always aroundvto answer questions and I have also started putting some clips on youtube showing some won/lost games and looking into doing some on particular heros in the future.

We are a mature group of adults but that does mean we have an age preference as we have kids of our own so kids are welcome and would appreciate being told your age if you are under 18yrs so we can our conversations accordingly.

Hope to see you join us for great fun team.

Team nane is OZY OZY OZY

Just livening this post for new recruits to koin our team, please read the original post for features and details.


This is a refresher post requesting new members yo join our team.

We have 8 spots left to fill and have upped our cup requirements to 400.

We are starting to kill 4* titans and needing to improve our member numbers to kill stronger titans to come.

Our members are a mix of p2w and casual spending players wantingbto achieve higher game levels.

We are active daily and concentrate on titans everyday without fail.

We want to do AW’s but have decided to wait till we have a full allience before participating in them.

We chat on a daily bases and encourage each other along the way, we help each other out with tios, strategies and answer any questions asked. I also have clips on youtube and if anyone has a problem doing a map stage they will ask me to do it and post it there to give them ideas on have to get through it, I’ve done about 30 so far.

Every member at level 20+ is promoted to elder automatically.

We are a friendly bunch and need daily active players to join our team. If you are wanting the same within a stanle allience then plesde consider join us.

Feel free to ask any questions


This a refresh.

We need 3 more new members to fill our allience up.

Wanting daily active players who does AW and titan. Our team is very friendly, very active and fun to be with.

There is a 400p cup minimum. We have only lost 1 AW so far. We help each other with tips and advice daily.

I also have youtube clips with on maps and raids both wins and losses. There is 35 there now and growing all the time.

If your an active player interested in all the above then come look us up.

Yes being revived!

We are after players for our new Sister Alliance.

Our main Alliance is strong and we need player that are daily active members fir both titan and wars with at least 2000 cups to their name.
Yes wars mean using 6 hits and titan means hitting daily. Harpoons are a bonus if you have them of cause.

Our Sister Alliance has now become our casual Alliance where titans are a must daily and wars are optional BUT if you are opted in then you must use your 6 hits without fail.

Only 3 spots available in our main atm due to a few of the lower levelled players moving to the sister alliance but once full then only players from our S.A will be allowed to move into the main when room is made available.

The rules for both are all setup in our Alliance Group at Ozy Gamers.

If your interested in being oart of a long standing loyal group then come join us at OzyOzyOzyTwin for a chat as our main alliance is INVITE ONLY.

Our main has players in and out of the top 100 niw and then and we are climbing in there as a group which is why we made move into dividing into 2.

Hope to see you there soon


This is a recap.

We are after new active members for both alliances.

OzyOzyOzy is our main which requires 1800 cups entry level.
Members there have been with our alliance for over a year and have grown strong due to daily commitments to titans and war.
Harpoons are now in also part of our daily grind. Harpoons production and usage is recorded daily in the message board.
We also win 95% of wars.

OzyOzyOzy. (Notice the dot)

Is our new sister alliance and used for those having lower accounts to get the most out of the game, grow and then be moved up to our main.

The entry level here is only 400 cups. We are after titan and war participants as this will train you for the main Alliance where war is a must.


If you Opt in to wars you must use all 6 hits even if that means using 1* hero’s.
Everyone has an option to opt out and if you can’t make your hits then please do so.

We are a friendly supportive group with access to bith Line App and the newly created E&P Stats website at where we can exchange and save all our alliance details within our Alliance group.

Save all your game stats there as well as do quizzes on the game.

Come join us and become part of our loyal team of dedicated members.

This message is to CONGRATULATE all our members that have been with OzyOzyOzy for over two years now and also those that reached the 1 year mark.
@FishDreams @C.H.S. and myself obviously, lol.
Also @Bedmonkeys who has taken a break from the game atm but we hope to see him back soon.
@Hanbanaroda @Nampagq @Arend

These players have never missed a titan or war and their dedication is second to none in our alliance always on hand to help others and each other.

We have grown into an awesome strong alliance. All of our members are either f2p and c2p and our f2p players have made excellent achievements in the game becoming just as strong if not stronger than some of the c2p players with awesome heroes in their rosters.

OzyOzyOzy is made up of mature hard working adults that have families to look after as well and their alliance dedication as experienced strong players is just outstanding and to be respected as it doesn’t matter what happens in each ones real life they always never forget their online alliance family.



@Ozy1 Cheers Grid. As we discussed this morning … “Came for the monsters, stayed for the people”. A great bunch at Ozy - you should be proud.

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