Need war material!

I have a few heroes ready for ascension (either to max if 4*, or next tier if 5*), and they’re most likely only good for wars or perhaps some events and stuff.

So I’m looking for suggestions on whom to ascend, can do one hero per colour.

Purple: Ameonna 3.60, Cyprian 3.60

Yellow: Vivica 2.60 (already have a maxed Vivica though), Leonidas 2.60 (already have a maxed Leonidas), Chao 3.60, Li Xiu 3.60, Danzaburo 3.60

Blue: Thorne 2.60, Kiril 3.60 (already have a maxed Kiril), Boril 3.60

Green: Elkanen 3.70, Elkanen 2.60, Elkanen 2.60 (yeah, three of them…), Gobbler 3.60, Skittleskull 3.60, Little John 3.60, Melendor 3.60 (already have a maxed Melendor though)

Red: Sumitomo 3.60, Colen 3.60

Thanks everyone!