Need to remove additional 20% on defense

Hi all,

I have been playing for approx 4+ years. I’ve read that the algorithm for raids hasn’t changed and is still the same but I feel this is not the case.

In the past 2 months or 3, I went from winning 3/4 out of 5 raids to 2 out of 5 at times. I used to win 80-90% and was in the top 10 once/twice.

Now im lucky if i win 40% of the times.

I started off rainbow style, went to stacking and finally mono over the course of the 4 years.

Easy raids that are quick kills in standard and reverse double I am lucky if I kill in 3 turns. No matter how I manipulate the board, the colours required are not coming. The colours needed are not placed in the centre. I’ll have 2 on the side and one in the far corner. And after creating diamonds or manipulation, the colours will be every else but where it’s needed.

Yes everyone has said that it’s based on luck or that you manipulate the board. It’s not the case. I used to be able to manipulate boards get diamonds and do cascades and still can, but no matter what, the colours rarely show and by that time their players have already fired off. Im not even talking about the harder to kill defense system but the easy ones.

I have good heros to counter but they aren’t charged by the time 2/3 of their players are charged.

2/4 weeks ago I used 2 raid tokens. I finished my chest on the 18th try (not the first time this has happened in the past 2/3 months!!!). Today I won twice out of 5.

The algorithm has been changed. It’s become harder and they just want you to spend money to buy more raid tokens to finish.

Not to mention that the defense computer actually know what targeting is. They are hitting players that are dying or the healers and then hit them with tiles. In my last raid they attacked the corner heroes of mine with a direct shot and hit them with tiles. It’s the corner… it’s not an easy hit with tiles.

You can say it’s all luck, its manipulation. But after 4 years, I do know the difference. I have been checking for the past 3 months.

Really really easy kills (reverse double and standard) where I can take the centre hero out with 8 tiles approx it takes me sometimes 3 different tries with strong decent heros because the colours aren’t there. They are just not giving the colours. Even with manipulation. And it’s not that the newer heroes are stronger. It’s the algorithm.

Honestly this has become a pay to win game even normally and it’s become quite disgusting.

You can say player fatigue etc but no. I do know what I’m talking about.

I do think the 20% defense needs to be removed because the algorithm has changed.

You can say it hasn’t but the stats over the past 3 months say otherwise.


The 20% thing has been changed. This fact does not appear to influence you so I won’t bother addressing the rest.


The 20% buff for defenders has already been changed and can be found here in the patch notes

As for raids becoming tougher to win, that is because the gradual power creep of the last 3 years has exploded into a power sprint over the last 6 to 9 months.

Fast and very fast AoE hitters like Frigg and Odin, Ninja’s that can dodge all types of attacks as a passive ability and bypass buffs, the insane stats on latest event heroes coupled with Limit Breakers… All of these are adding up to make the most powerful even stronger.

The game has become so punishing on abilities that strategy has gone out the window and your win/loss ratio is pretty much decided by your opening board


4 years in and you don’t know the AI doesn’t use tiles?

You used to go rainbow, and now you go mono. Are you surprised its harder to get the tiles you want now?

Apart from the hitting with tiles thing, yes there are some smarts behind the AI. And there should be. If it was compeltely dumb there would be zero challenge in it.

Your stats, which are a tiny sample. Overall raids are a bit harder now but it is due to the prevalence of stronger, faster heroes in defence. Not any change in any algorithm.

Why don’t you go back to bringing multiple colours into your teams? I have moved almost completely from mono because against the to defenses a starting board starved of a single colour you are totally dependant on is tougher than ever to recover from. But with 2, 3 or 4 colours on the board you can generally manipulate the board to get a positive outcome most times


I agree to some extent when it comes to mono. But I completely disagree with all other configurations - strategy is in fact more importat than ever, and is key to winning consistently

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Testing phase according to the article… not yet implemented.


I agree with everything you have said. The testing to remove the 20% should help. Once approved.

The board has always dictated wins. But even normal attacks on weaker players that are easier wins just aren’t there.

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I’ve noticed the exact same is happening to me. Send up diamonds and maybe get 1 tile of my color needed

Do I know everything about the game? No im still learning. When I said tiles I meant the way they hit instead of just heroes specials.

I have gone mono for the past 8-10 months approx after 4 years. If you read I put even reverse double and standard. Those are easy kills. If those are taking 3 tries to kill off what does that say? That it’s become incredibly hard. I was winning as of 3 months ago

I agree that the AI needs to be smart but with the additional 20% it makes it way harder. Now that it’s testing phase I hope it gets easier once implemented.

It’s not just “my stats” look through the forums. And yes having stronger opposing heroes are one of the problematic issues. They have made incredibly strong heros in the past 6/9 months. I was still winning previous 3 months ago.

Im pretty sure even if I stack/ go rainbow. Taking out the centre hero will not be easy or any hero.

Yes there needs to be strategy involved but what is the strategy here? Even going rainbow/ stacking I would say 3 out of 5 wins maybe with a lot of luck?

I raid 20+ to fill 2 chests daily & on 5 tournament days, I complete 3 raid chests daily. I am still able to do it with my 3-2 teams mostly & few times I take 2-2-1 based on tank / flank !

In last 2-3 months, I haven’t noticed any change. Today, I completed 2 raid chests by noon & its the same. The board gives tiles all the time, at times a bit late, but tiles of all elements come.

I would however like to clarify that I use : Holy Gazelle - Nature Heimdall & ICE LoLo as fixed 3 heroes almost always & add or remove 2 other elements as per team I am facing.
Most used heroes in those 2 spots are : FrIGG - Hatter, Onyx - Panther, Cobalt - Frida, C. Marjana, - Gefjon !

All is well !

I raid in Diamond for a small amount of time (a couple weeks now) and I do mono since I go only with 4* against 5*.

This is an average team power difference of 500+.

I also play mono because this seems to be my only chance, given the odds with 4* against fully emblemed 5* - quite often final 1-1 hero showdowns are won by the power of the mono tiles.

I still win at least 60% of my raids. Of course there are worse moments (like today for example) when neither the starting board, nor manipulation of that board give you the required color in the first several turns (3-5, depending on the grade of enemy 5* s), but even like that I fall to no less than 50% raid wins.

I don’t agree on the fact that the algorithm had changed otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go as high as I did casually filling my raid chests, without even pressing it with raid flasks (I reached 198 global recently and N1 in my country, and got close to that twice the next days), nor would I be able to stay in Diamond despite having only 4* on defense as well.

I also made quick calculation on the number of Raid flasks used/received since the time I started making my home in Diamond, and I am just -2. Of course, I use the raid tournaments as an addition to the regular raids which helps a lot since their raids are usually a bit easier to win.

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I got Guardian Gazelle in my last pull need a few more things to upgrade to last level.

Still waiting for heim. Loved him since he first came out.

I used to be able to do 2 chests daily. Was never an issue.

I rarely see the other heros you mentioned except for frigg and occasionally panther on a regular basis.

What cup level are you on?

Today while raiding I did multiple cascades and the tiles I wanted came after the hero’s fired off their specials and I was half dead.

I know the strategy you speak of and used to play it. I will certainly try it next time with other heroes. Since I don’t have the same.

Finishing 2 raid chests, leaves me always above 2700+ & then my defence does the job, keeping me mostly above 2650+ cups through the day.

Right now 2707 cups !

I’ve been raiding in diamond for over a year possibly. My raids have been 80-90% wins.

3 months previously I was at 80-90% wins. Now I have dropped down to 40-50%

You are winning at that level recently. Dropping from 80% wins to 40-50% is a huge drop.

I was in the top 10 globally but my defense isn’t as great. I dropped several hundred cups which is to be expected.

But my win ratio has dropped drastically.

Im raiding with 5* heros fully emblemed.

There is something going on. Or something that changed


I would like to clarify that, I do re-roll for teams that I feel, I can take one
my heroes are not highly emblemed while diamond defences are mostly 100 emblems & high troops.

So, using discretion to play OR not play certain type of teams is a good choice worth exercising as my raiding is mostly to fill maximum chests.

When not filling chests, I chill & have fun & have had some amazing - scary wins…!!

Currently at 2556. I used to easily finish 2750+ at most times. I got to 2900+ 3k few months back. Now im struggling to hit 27! Which I find very strange.

My def keeps me between 2550 and 2750.

I reroll too. Many times Haha.

But losing on standard or reverse double just is weird to me. Those are easy kills.

My hero’s are quite fully emblemed up for defense and non defense.

So going from winning 80-90% of the times to 40% max 60% is weird. I always reroll and pick and choose.

Even the easy one it takes me 3 flags at times!!! Which is weird.

I dunno why it’s happening.

It already is implemented. It’s an open beta test like with raid formations. If you search in the forum you will already find confirmation about that, and the new hidden stats boosts.

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Seek the pattern, look at the teams you’re losing to. Maybe you have problems with fast heroes, maybe with minions or reflecters.
Do you have one team you raid with? Show your roster


Was it removed??? Why enemy heroes DOTs still are on steroids? Like enemy Vela and Costume Azlar are WAAAAY stronger than mines even their emblem levels and troops are weaker.

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