Need to prepare for the Christmas Event!

Please help to prepare for the upcoming Christmas event ! Here is my roster:

plus Valen and Brienne (not levelled)

Who would you level/max next having in mind the bosses will be red and green (casting minions) and any other information you have on the event, like from this topic for instance:

Go all out yellow? Since you have Jackal levelled (Jackal, Gretel, Chao, Gadeirus, Sabina,) with lots of mana pots and axe attacks

Thank you @JoyDivision. I have the maths to max Gadeirus, but I miss 3 orbs for G.Jackal, and he is very squishy now. Gadeirus may get killed quickly by the red boss and Sabina alone won’t be enough to save the G.Jackal for long enough… but I will absolutely surely try this combination.

btw. some forum members mention it might be a good idea to level Gobbler (for the minions) or Agwe (for it is blue with buff against grren) what do you tnink?

Hi,lvl UP aegir,my opininion: perfect tank :slight_smile:

I have Gobbler half levelled but way to victory for me last event was Wu Kong, Proteus and Axe/Bomb/dragon attacks - and i still died in last stage of legendary.

And I still dont have any healer - ok I have Gobbler but his defence is so bad…I guess he will be eating 300-350 damage per hit

I guess more experiemced players know more tricks…

if you have not gotten your forge to level 18, do that ASAP

And build many time stop, dragon attack, bombs and axes

I will level Sabina, Jackal, chao, Sonya and Gretel
Sabina is a must since you are low on healer. It is also ok to bring both Gaderius and Sabina since you will need to be alive with full mana when meeting the final boss, without having to use any items before that.

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The event is not a reflective one, unlike Challenege Events. You can and should bring lots of red, who will be effective against all the bosses and doubly so against half of them (Mother Nature and Buddy, the 5* and 4* green). Sumitomo may be very useful, so I’d finish up those last few levels on him.

What ascension mats do you have? That is, which color(s) can you take a 4* up to 4th ascension?


Hey Kerridoc, will Wilbur work well in the upcoming event? I have Elana and Boldtusk fully ascended. I have Marjana at level 3/50 and pulled Zim twice. Have the mats to ascend one. Should I level Marjana or work on Zim?

Wilbur is a great addition to any bench of heroes. He shines on titans. In the winter event, his special will reverse half of the debuff from the red 5* and green 4*, which is a nice extra. Wilbur will also be extra good on final levels that have boss+minions, because you can exploit the minion’s weaker defense to inflict damage on the boss. E.g., aim Lianna at a minion instead of the boss, inflicting lots of damage to all three.

I think Zimkitha will be a better choice for this event. Her AoE attack is strong enough (I think) to strip a minion off everyone, which is important because of a nasty twist about these minions. Her cleanse will also unwind all of the debuffs that I mentioned above.

But I do love Marjana…


You had to throw that last comment in lol. I know I can ascend Marjana by December not sure with Zim. I don’t want to be stuck not having Zim fully leveled!! Thank you very much for your input, I appreciate it. Still trying to learn every day.

Thank you @Kerridoc. I have 6 compasses, but only 1 pair of gloves, and mats to ascend only 1 red, blue, green or purple hero (no orbs for a yellow one). I will surely max Sumitomo - I really like to play with him. Wondering though… shall I give the gloves to Scarlett or Sonya or maybe try to level and max Gormec?

I lean towards Sonya, so that you are closer to a full line of 4/70s.

Gormek is one of the mighty Pulverizer Trio (with Grimm and Tibertus), who are foundational to strong Titan teams (at least before Wilbur). The defense debuff they lay down is always good. Gormek hits like a wet noodle but has huge staying power. Grimm is the opposite: he hits harder than most 5* but is relatively fragile. Tibertus is a balance between them. All three are “must haves” for strong Titan hits, using strong colors when possible.

*note: Wilbur from Season 2 has made Gormek far less relevant, but he’s hard/costly to get.

You’ve got a hole in green, needless to say. I loved Gadeirus in testing once it fired but at slow mana, it’s not a superb hero. I’d be reluctant to give him your rare mats, but if no other 4* green comes along, he’s a solid defender. Run TC20 lots and pray to RNGesus for Caedmon! And save your epic hero tokens until next month and pray for Buddy. Buddy would be great in your hand.


I was also thinking about Sonya, but will she be useful for the Chrismas event? If I follow the advise to stack reds against the greens will Scarlet be good enought? I like her for her tile damage and for the debuff (-34 attac) but she hits less than “a wet noodle” :smile: (that was hillarious) :smile:

Santa Claus (red) is the Big Boss, and red Rudolph a secondary boss, in the Christmas Event, so having a strong blue attacker will be helpful.

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So, to summarise, which team will be better to take:

Gretel, Sabina, Sumitomo, Sonya at 4/70 + Chao/G.Jackal 3/60
Gretel, Sabina, Sumitomo, Sonya at 4/70 + Scarlett/Gormek at 3/60

not a dream team either way, but what I have

I like the double yellow version with Jackal. Chao and Gretel conflict with each other, while Jackal enhances Gretel. Scarlett is very fragile and Gormek a weak hitter, at least in the time before the event ends.

@Kerridoc your help is really much appreciated. thank You !

Jackal is an insanely good glass cannon. So even when dead his match/ board/ physical damage is crazy good. Only one yellow 5* hero, a Hotm, has better attack stat.

I agree about Sonya.

Rainbow teams, especially rainbow 4* 3.60 teams are a foundation of Empires. Depending on the heroes ( some heroes suck ), your first 4* 4.70 team is an even better improvement.

Considering leveling my Sonya 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70 to fight rare reflect red titan since the titan has reflect red and special skill reflect all color. Sonya will help clear the buff, and do double match/ board/ physical damage once dead.

Legendary training gives you a 4* hero ever 10 days on average, so it might take 100+ days to get a 4* green, but Melendor and Caedmon are very good 4* Heroes.

I used a 4* 3.60 Kashhrek until I started getting multiple 4* 1.1 Melendor back-to-back from Legendary training.

I agree with Kerridoc. Especially with Chao+ Gretel ( conflict ) and Jackal+ Gretel ( enhance ).

==Glass Cannons==

But I did snort milk when I read “Scarlett is very fragile” right after you recommended

Guardian “My attack is higher than all but one 5* yellow hero, including all yellow HotM, but just ignore my defense stat” Jackal,

yellow “my defense stat is lower than any 4* yellow hero from Legendary training” Gretel,

and available from Legendary training:

purple “My tile damage is awesome but I need the 42% heal for myself” Sabina

Scarlett’s splash damage, fast mana speed, and match/ board/ physical damage will be a plus against the two green Bosses so don’t forget swapping her in if you have trouble. At 4* 3.60 she still has a nice attack stat.

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Now, now, on a balanced glassiness scale, using the damage calculations against an average 4* hero, Scarlett is the glassiest 4* in the game. Jackal is second, followed by Gobbler, Lancelot, Little John, Colen and Grimm, in that order.

For the record, the tankiness 4* (based solely on stats) are Boril, Jabbar, Falcon, Boomer, Kashhrek, and Boldtusk.


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