Need to fix the Conversion rate for Gems and Deals

I just asked on a facebook group this question and the difference in prices for some Countries is pretty big.

Is the Main Currency in this game US$ ? If so why when you convert from one Country to US $ there is such a big difference for some (Australia nd UK and European Countries seem to be effected the most) ?

Also does the platform you play on make a difference to the price of gems?

I think devs need to look into this and fix the prices so its fair for everyone.

Taxes are higher in Europe than US, so that may account for the discrepancy. If you want it fair for everyone in terms of pricing, talk to your local government. Maybe you re paying more for gems in exchange for free healthcare lol. Might be a better deal for you haha.


So I pay an extra $1 for 300 gems, but I get a triple heart bypass for free? DEAL! :laughing:


Well that Vivicas deal thats on the game atm, deal 3 for example, UK guys pays and extra $21US for it and Aussies apy an extra $8.

Not sure why these ones are so far off but most of the others are right or close.

Doesn’t really make sense to me that us Muricans get the best deals, considering that SG isn’t even an American company. :man_shrugging:

British currency is tumbling; the UK guys are buying Brexit gems.


Ohhh so it’s like the new cryptocurrency. Sounds like an investment opportunity. I need to call my accountant ASAP :grin:

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