Need to buff cennius

Cennius is very weak he needs buff

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Have you tried levelling him up?

His stats improve


He is weak too 1000 damages nope

In lvl 85 him damage against azlar toon 300 hahaha

Owls are even more stats dependent than other heroes, you need to LB2 them if you want to hit big targets…
Also hitting toons (highest stats in the game right now) is where they will do least damage.

Oh and the 1000 damage is not the normal damage, it is the maximum damage, which only happens if you hit a target with very low defense. If you look at the text, you will see a minimum damage and a maximum damage. The actual damage will be half way in between if you hit a target that has the same DEF as the owl has ATT.


agree , he is doing damage but not as expected ,even maxed he 70 % do a base damage ,around 600 to 3 plus 80% is just one additional cast to three or even just to one or two

biggest problem with him is that he donot give any secondary effect as rest of heroes that are damage dealer and in most time even faster(Farrah …etc)

more then more damage he will be great if he bypass buffs with damage or do some secondary effect like hit target get -24% mana gen or some def.down or hit targets cant heal next 3 turns

something missing

Mine at 4-90-25 is doing on average 730 to fully maxed toons and typically firing at least 3 times ( first fire and 2 more)

Im not saying I’d say no to a buff, but to call him weak is a stretch


This is part of the problem for why the power leap exists.

Just leave him be.

Weeks from now, Zynga will apply buff, then all hell will break loose in the forum, with folk saying “he is way too OP”.

Just. Leave. Him. Be


Cennius is very weak dammage max 1000 is very weak against toon and any new heros do nothing (200-300) dammage

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Do not spam the forum please with duplicated topics.
It wont help you to achieve your goal…


@PlayForFun @Dudeious.Maximus donyour thing por favor


I fought against him and he almost single handed destroyed my team. Over 5000K of damage. He is the strongest owl hands down. The issue is the randomness of his hits. He will hit 2 times 100% of the time, 3 times 65% of the time and 4 times 30% of the time.

I honestly don’t think he is weak.


Sorry to intrude, guys, but aren’t you asking for too much? There are many old heroes who have been waiting for improvement for a long time, why are you better?

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Cennius dont have a secondary effects like other owls

He does enough damage…

Happy gaming

I disagree the new heros gwyn more damages +a lot of effects not one

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