Need Tall Boots 4/22/19

I’ve played the suggested levels multiple times to farm boots, I’ve played 12-2, 6 &9, 14-9, 18 several other suggested levels as well.
Are boots truly that rare? If so, why are they needed to ascend heros!?

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, keep going!

I get about 10 a month I guess, based on this, but I bet there’s people with multiple hundreds.

And if you think boots are rare… brace yourself for needing 6 X 4* unfarmable materials per 5* hero!


Hi @Wintersdragonfly,

Boots really are that rare. The drop rate in the good places in S1 seems to be about 0.02 per World Energy, based on @BarryWuzHere’s integrated loot dataset.

That means that on average you’d need to spend 50 WE farming in the good places to get a pair, but it could very easily be either more or less.

The best place seems to be S2 11-6 normal, which is running about 0.07 per WE, for an expectation of one pair for every 14 WE spent. Again though, it could easily be more depending on the random draws.


Unfortunately the drop rates for tall boots are so low that I don’t trust my spreadsheet’s data very much, but you can check it out–it is much more useful for other farming concepts. (link at bottom) That also means with low odds the random number generator could give you grief for a while.

I recommend you farm S1:12-9. (If you farm the 3-flag zone, which has most of the best farming in the game or anywhere below S1, province 12, you won’t get any of them, guaranteed)

It is a great farming level, and it will give you a shot at all the farmable 3* ascension mats. (Among other things, it gives more player XP per WE than any other level I can recommend farming!)

That said, provinces 14, 18, and 22 have a “higher chance” of them. My best understanding of that is that in the (fairly unlikely, ~20% of farming runs) event that you get any 3* ascension item, there’s a 40% chance it will be tall boots in those levels, 25% chance it will be tall boots normally, and a 20% chance it will be tall boots in a level where some other 3* ascension material has the “higher chance”


My view is only anecdotal, but I seem to always get 3* farmables in province 1.16.2. Of course this doesn’t compare to Barry’s comprehensive guide and has no real evidence base, but there you go

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