Need suggestions for off/def setups based off last Atlantis pulls

Ok. Had 700 atl coins spent and pulled Clarissa now(3/55). Did 2-10 pulls before ending time and got GM, Ranvir, Wilbur, Boldtusk. Got a lot of other good 4s too. Previously acquired Telly(4/68), joon 3/70, Boris maxed, tiburtus maxed, Kelile maxed, Caedmon maxed. Also have mist and brynhild from Valhalla. Rigard costume almost max, Kirin max, Sonya 4/30 costume, Magni 3/47, azlar 3/70, khagan 3/40, mel Endor 3/60 among others. I stopped on rigard to build Clarissa-have all AM for her. What to do?

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