Need some tips on what team to use and who to evolve

Hey guys,

Need some opinions on what to do with my team(s) and who to evolve from my two 5 stars reds.

So these are my heroes

I usually use a rainbow team as defense team…

Little John, Hu Tao, Obakan, Boldtusk and Sonya

Any corrections ???

And now i finally got two 5 star reds but that causes me a problem.

Both Azlar and Elena are tanks with slow mana and i’m more inclined to evolve Azlar (for the attack ratings). But if i keep using a rainbow formation i’l be out of a healed since i removed Sabina for Obakan and i’d replace Boldtusk for Azlar

What to do ??

I would sub Sabina back in and use Azlar for Red. He is a pain and Sabina is a debuffer as well.

Sabina in for Obakan ?? Or a double purple ?? And who would go out ??

yes Sabina for Okaban.

Boldtusk is a must have. Replace Little John with Azlar. Don’t mind the rainbow setting.

BT even on defense is a must have?

LJ’s mana special is pretty killer in raids when I face him on Defense.

John loads too slow, sorry, but it’s a fact. That’s why he’s a quite easy target to kill, and not much of a help for attack.

Level up Kiril, it’ll help you a lot.

For defense you could use
Chao - Grimm - Boldtusk - Sonya - Obakan

and swap Boldtusk for Azlar once it’ll be 4.80.

Azlar is more durable than Elena and is one of the best non-event non-HOTM tanks.

why level up Kiril ??

Kiril and Boldtusk are the most versatile healers, you already have Boldtusk (many of him).

If I had Kiril Id swap my boldtusk for him (if not keeping them both) when attacking as with his heal it could reverse Attack & Defense debuff, all in one, and with his increased defense he is more durable than Boldtusk.

It could even be good for red/blue titans and for events.

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Ah ok… I’m for Boldtusk…

I’ll consider it


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