Need some posting help re: closed posts

This will also assist to other closed posts in other topics but this is particularly around Alliance Recruitment.

I remember reading initially in the Alliance Recruitment category*, no multiple submissions for adverts. However, the posts close after 1 month. Does this mean your alliance has one shot to do a post and once it’s closed, you’re somewhat done for? Or is there another way to revive and edit your ad?

*Also can’t find the original Alliance Recruitment sticky with it’s rules for some reason. Am I blind or is it hiding?

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Flag your own post, choose other and ask a mod to reopen your thread. They are nice people and will do it in a blink of an eye.


Thank you very much. Will definitely try this.

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There was a period where the posts in #alliance-recruitment accidentally closed after 30 days, instead of 30 days without activity.

If your thread was inadvertently closed because of that, please flag your own post in that thread, and we’ll reopen it for you.

Similarly, if your thread was closed after 30 days without any comments, you can either create a new one, or flag your own post, and we’ll reopen it for you.


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