Need some insight on my bench please. :)



Good morning Guys!

First, thanks for taking the time to read this. My question is, who should I level, who should I feed to whom? I have my own ideas that I have been working toward, but I feel like I've hit a wall now, not sure where to go.
My goal is to have enough variety in my bench for 6 strong but flexible AW teams - so I can't just focus on 30 exclusively or I won't have the variety.
And of course, I want a strong defense team. 
So, here are the heroes I have to work with, Defense team "highlighted" on the Top Left:

My thoughts/Questions, by Color:

Purple - Keep everyone. :) 
Yellow - Maybe ditch Dawa and Bane, feed 'em to my 2nd and 3rd Chao?
Blue - Feed Graymane and Valen to Grimm?
Green - Feed all 3* to Caedemon?
Red - Finish Boldtusk(since he's so close), then start with Azlar, feed Hawkmoon to either?

But everytime I look at doing the above, I hesitate, because I also feel like I should keep and level everybody to ensure variety - so, I just look at the screen and keep feeding everybody, lol.

Anyway, thanks again for reading, any insight would be appreciated!



Sorry, not sure why the text ended up in those side-scroll boxes. :confused:


Keep everyone for now, if you’ll need more slots you could buy them!

Focus on titan’s teams first, then fill the spots with good heroes to complete rare quests/events.
Here you can see how good a hero is for every game’s aspects minus events.

Keep your 3* heroes until you’ll have enough 4* heroes to reach the 30th hero, then if you don’t plan to compete on 3* events you could safely feed them. Your 3.60 heroes will be more powerful than your 3.50 ones for wars.


Thank you @FraVit93 - I really do appreciate the insight! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t feed ANY of those maxed 3s to another hero. The amount of experience points you get wastes something like 95% of what you put in. Those 3s can be used for several other things in the game like rare-level events and 2nd or 3rd strong color against titans or center tank in raids. Any 3* or above hero that ive invested feeder heros in I usually max out and keep on my bench. Spend some gems to get more space if needed. That’s my 2 cents.


@badassninjadad, thank you for your time and consideration! :slight_smile: It really does take a lot of resources to max out a 3 star hero - at this point, I agree with your position, and I don’t think I will feed away the 3*'s.

What are your thoughts on my 3 Chao’s, though - I have one maxed out, obviously keeping him - should I feed the other two to Azlar, or maybe toward Caedemon? Same with my double Kiril - I feel like I shouldn’t get rid of him, as having two or three strong 4*'s like Chao will make me significantly better off for Alliance War - but I also feel like it will take longer to level the other heroes in the bench to build up the variety I want to acheive. :confused: Talk about wishy/washy, lol!

Little John is also tough, I have one at 4.34, and two that haven’t been levelled at all. 1st one is already at max special skill, so other than the extra XP gain from a 4*, there doesn’t seem to be an advantage to feeding them to him - keep 'em for the long haul to build up my AW bench, or feed 'em to Caedemon/Azlar/Grimm??

Okay, and one more question(probably a hundred more, but…) - I have ascension materials to move a blue 4* to the final tier - should I use it for Kiril, or Grimm?

Again, I appreciate the insight! :smile: :smile: :smile:


@Tima I’ll try to hit all the points you mentioned in your response, but if I forget something or you had another, or follow-up, question I’ll be glad to offer any advice…First off, variety is indeed ‘the spice of life’ but I think you should fully finish up the heroes that you start. For example, I personally wouldnt feed Azlar ANYTHING until you finish Boldtusk. 1 solid, fully maxed hero beats 2 partials any day. About Chao, I like your 4-70 Chao and you could save the other Chao you started on, but the others you probably won’t ever touch. As an example, I had multiple Wu Kongs, I have 1 maxed and 1 at 3-60…thats probably as far as I will go on that character. But dont get too ‘feed-happy’ as an unleveled 4* only gives 900 exp (off-color)…this is less than exp gained from 3 unleveled 2* feeders.
Also, the way I level is choose ONE hero from each color to work on until finished, and stick to feeder heroes from that color…it works better and gives 20% exp bonus.
Concerning Grimm and Kiril, they’re both great heroes…I’d probably choose Kiril first bc you are closer to finishing him than Grimm.
As far as Little John goes, I would definitely finish (max) the one you are working on and keep one more unleveled on ur bench and you can decide later what you want to do…as I said before, it’s only 900 exp and that 900 exp holds less value (I believe) than the difficulty of pulling a 4* hero. Also, don’t know how your training camps are set up, but i think running a couple tc11’s (at least) and a tc20 or tc13, and split the other tc time between tc’s 1, 2, 11, 19 depending on ur materials.
Hope this helps. If you have other questions, feel free to hit me up, I don’t mind. And as a caveat, these are my OPINIONS, and some may not agree. Have a good one :wink: p.s. don’t worry about special skill too much on 4* hero or above bc I’ve NEVER seen a 4* or 5* fully leveled that wasnt 8/8 on special skill…there’s simply too many levels to complete.


Look @ Anchor 7DD, heroes rating, if you’re interest in stat and detail analysis look at RedPython analysis. Some heroes are better in certain situations, some are very flexible e.g Boltusk, Melendor. Wu Kong is incredible in Titan, but useless in defence , Kashhrek is one the best tank, but not much use in offense . You have look at your style of play, find the best hero that suit, and the build a team around that hero. Defense is depend on what you have, check out the 2 systems of rating, but pretty much same as 90 % as everyone else. Intelligent players use those team weakness to their advantage. Before you decide make sure you can collect some hard data.


I was looking at your current roster a little closer and I’ve changed my mind about Kiril. I still say definitely max him, but since you already have some overlap with Bolttusk and you have other healers like Melandor, maybe you should go for Grimm first. Grimm is a top-notch attacking 4*, albeit a little squishy, and you’re a bit thin on attackers.


@badassninjadad, @Sandman, thanks again for your time and insight.

7DD’s rating/grades for heroes is amazing! Easy to understand, a wealth of information there. :slight_smile: I haven’t looked much at RedPyhtons work, but between those, my goals, and the feedback here, I think I agree that Grimm is the priority over Kiril.

Currently, I run 1 TC6, TC11, TC12 and TC20, all churning out heroes all the time, specifically “Common and Uncommon” in 6, “Extra Low Cost” in 11, “Guaranteed Rare” in 12 and “Legendary” in TC20.

This does generate a steady supply of feeders, 1, 2 and 3*, as well as at least one 4* from TC20 with the chance of getting another 5.

In regard to levelling 1 at a time, that takes so much discipline/patience. :slight_smile: Not saying I can’t be patient, but sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting my war bench if I don’t level a 3* up a little bit daily.

Agreed that 4*'s don’t need to worry about the special skill, they will max, but I currently have many 3/50’s that are at 7/8 on special skill - I figure I will go back to them eventually.

I tend to think 900xp vs pulling a 4* is like you said, low value for the long odds, so I will probably keep my duplicate John/Kiril/Caedemon, at least until doing otherwise becomes eminently clear.

Again, I really appreciate the time you guys took to help with my assessment - please let me know if there is anything I can do to return the favor! :slight_smile:


Update: Just read back and this is exactly what @badassninjadad already said! So basically I agree wholeheartedly with his advice on training camp use!

@Tima, The only TC levels that make sense to use are TC1, TC2, TC11, TC 13, TC19, and TC20. And TC13 is only good if you don’t have a TC20. I understand the appeal of the “guaranteed rare” in TC 12, but the investment isn’t worth the outcome from a feeder perspective.

In your situation, I would suggest running one TC20, two TC11, and one that flexes between TC2 (whenever you have backpacks) and TC1 (when you have swords but no backpacks). You can use TC19 as well, when you have rugged clothes and the food to support it, but I find I use TC19 periodically to get a large number of feeders quickly to push a hero to a max level.

This will give you a nice steady stream of feeders and will definitely accelerate your leveling.


@Jalia, thank you for your time and insight. :slight_smile: I read what @badassninjadad said about training camps, but didn’t really process it. You’re feedback prompted me to take a second look - but honestly, I still wasn’t “getting it” - so, I went in and did some shuffling around.

I moved the recruits from my TC13 “Guaranteed Rare” to TC1 (no backpacks at the time, over 1,000 swords) - in exchange for 5 “Guaranteed Rare,” I was able to begin training on 48 heroes - and this for something like 740,000 less food?!?

lol, now I think I get it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your help! I really do appreciate you!


Thats great Tima!

Just to be clear, The “guaranteed rare” is TC12. TC13 is a chance at 4*s, and is a decent investment for people that are not yet at TC20. I’m sure that was just a typo, but as confusing as this can get, I wanted to make the clarification.


@Jalia, You are correct, I moved the recruits from TC12 to TC1. :slight_smile: Thank you for the clarification; that was an oversight on my part.

That said, not only are you spot on, but with you and @badassninjadad to assist in my thinking, I have already fully levelled up Boldtusk! 4/70! :slight_smile:

Working on Little John now. :smile:

Thanks again!


Very glad myself and @Jalia could be of help. Any more questions, dont hesitate to ask… :wink: