Need some input on war defense setup

Our alliance runs purple tanks, and while I do have Ursena, due to my limited 5* roster I’m finding it difficult to setup the most optimal AW defense.

This is all the maxed 4* and 5* I have:

Ursena is the obvious tank choice, although I’m struggling a bit to piece together the rest of the team.

For a full rainbow option, I’m thinking something like this:

I’m not a huge fan of flanking Telly since she becomes much less effective in that position. Only saving grace is the upcoming war is field aid, so if she can stall out the attackers after Ursena has fallen then the rest of the team can hopefully finish them off.

If we removed Telly from the equation, it means I need to either put in another blue or another purple. I really dislike not using Jabberwock on D, plus with two purples it really baits the attackers to bring yellows, so the double purple option is this:

The obvious risk of course is if the attackers do stack yellow and get a semi-decent board, this defense doesn’t stand a chance.

So the safest play I suppose is the double blue option:

There’s no obvious temptation to stack yellow since all it does is take out Ursena faster if the board is good, but completely destroy you if the board sucks. Double blue would tempt a green stack if not for GM, so most likely the attackers will run a blue stack, with the obvious advantage of being neutral to 4 heroes and strong against one. And blue has no shortage of healers and snipers.

Now I did mention I hate flanking Telly, but if it means I force attackers to stack differently, then that might be an ok compromise, so my last idea is this:

Double purple tempts a yellow stack, with the same caveats as the other double purple option. My hope here is, with Telly and GM on flank, the attackers would prefer to stack red, which I’m ok with since red has the least amount of fast snipers (literally only Marjana for now), and the only cleanser (Zimkitha) is a past HoTM so availability is likely limited. Of course they could always decide to ignore Telly and focus on GM and still stack blue, in which case it’ll really depend on the board.

Yeah IDEK anymore, seems like every setup has a glaring weakness lol. :man_shrugging:

Just one person’s opinion but of all the heroes you’ve shown the line up that would give me the hardest time would probably be;

Jaber Joon Telly GM Blue Bunny

My yellow stack with 2 Jackals(+9 and +3) Li Xui+19 out of costume, Danza and Joon+3 tear through purple tanks.

I’m working on getting my +3 Jackal up to +9 to so both of them fire after 6 tiles. Also levelling a 2nd Joon to replace Danza.

I have about an 85% win rate against all purple tanks compared to around 66% against Telly.

Sorry, just saw that you said War setup…

Jabber, Joon, Ursena, Gravemaker, Lepus is the most scary. You are baiting them into taking yellow and a board in which Ursena fires means it’s basically over. Telluria is garbage anywhere but in tank. Forget her.

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@rho I would try to work Jabber and Lepus into your war lineup. Telluria is not holding up well in my tests since the nerf unless you have her maxed emblemed and high troop level (+24 or higher). Ursena is a punishing tank and you have options to flank her and to use on the wings. I think your Jabber-Joon-Ursena-GM-Lepus lineup makes sense until you get a viable 5* Nature hero to fill the void.

If you pull any of the many Nature options, they would work nicely in your lineup.

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I have a bunch of a green 5*, just not very good ones. Of course RNG dictates the only S1 green 5* I don’t have is Lianna, while I’ve got two each of Elkanen and Kadilen. What are the chances? :roll_eyes:

I do have Gregorion, and I’m actually working on him right now. But that average speed really isn’t ideal in today’s meta, and it’ll definitely be hard to pull the trigger on tonics.

Give it time @rho! I was in the same boat. There are way too many good, Nature heros out there - Zeline, Evelyn, Frigg, Lianna, LoTL, even Atmos post-buff. One “will” fall into your lap. Hopefully! :wink:

I have Atomos but I really wouldn’t call him good even post-buff :face_vomiting:

I just really need a good green hitter since I’m basically relying on Caedmon+18 to be a sniper lol. With costume bonus and that emblem level he does OK, but obviously doesn’t measure up to the true 5* snipers.

Lianna is your girl then…you’ll nab her eventually.

@rho One will eventually come your way either via your TC20 or via one of your other event summons.

Now for a hair-splitting question: lv 11 mana troop or lv 9 crit troop for Jabber on wing? Mana troop = +20% atk + 13% def; crit troop = +15% atk +19% def +5% HP.

I’m leaning towards crit troop because most of the time wings are taken down by specials not tiles, and improving Jabber’s survivability just might be the difference between him firing once or not firing at all. Purely from a numbers perspective, crit troop also gives higher overall stats, but considering Jabber is also somewhat of a sniper, should I try to maximize his offense power instead? :thinking:

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