Need some help in making good 4/5 team. Which heroes to concentrate on

Got these heroes at the moment:

Sartana 5* level 1-35 special 4/8
Rigard 4* level 2-12 sp 4/8

Leonidas 5* level 1-40 sp 2/8
Delilah 5* level 1-8 sp 1/8
Li Xiu 4* level 3-30 sp 6/8
Wu Kong 4* level 1-24 sp 2/8

Richard 5* level 1-18 sp 2/8
Sonya 4* level 3-19 sp 8/8
Boril 4* level 1-15 sp 2/8
Grimm 4* level 1-1 sp 1/8

Zelena 5* level 1-37 sp 3/8
Caedmon 4* level 3-35 sp 4/8
Melendor 4 level 1-1 sp 1/8

Khagan 5* level 1-40 sp 3/8
Azlar 5* level 1-1 sp 1/8
Colen 4* level 2-20 sp 4/8
Boldtusk 4* level 1-35 sp 2/8
Gormek 4* 2-20

I’m not so sure about my blue and red 5* heroes. I’m tending to concentrating for both on 4*.

Should i stop with Colen? I’d like to know how-to make a good team fast. Where should i concentrate on, which heroe i might use to level up others? And yes i know that Sonya and Caedmon are quite the same :blush:
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Id say to focus on a 4 :star: team first:

And look for (Purple) Tiburtus, Sabina, (Yellow) Chao/Guardian Jackal, (Blue) Kiril, (Green) Cabin Boy Peters, (Red) Guardian Falcon. There is also Guardian Panther to hope for but its a 5 :star:

Your first hero to focus on should be Boldtusk followed by Wu Kong, Grimm, Melendor and then Rigard (or Sartana if you have enough remaining ascension materials)


I’d say mostly the same, except I’d stick with Rigard over Sartana and take Zeline to 3/70 over Melendor.

Colen is good, but Boldtusk, Gormek and Azlar (in that order) are gonna serve you better. Azlar is a nice luxury to have, but if your luck is anything like mine you will struggle to gather enough hidden blades to ascend many fire heroes.

Importantly though, don’t feed any of those to level up others. They’re all pretty good, so keep your options open.

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Thanks this far. So i will stick with my current heroes and will take care Boldtusk will be upped. Together with Rigard and Zeline. And i will try to get some new heroes you both advised.