Need some help about my teams

i’m playing the game for 3 months now, but i’m not sure to play the best teams atm. i’d like to have some advices about this with those heros (for titans and raids attack and defense if possible)
i’m sure i’m doing some mistakes, so any help would be appreciated


sorry for the multiple posts, but i can just join one picture as newcomer

How much $ have you spent on the game lol?

nothing i can’t afford, don’t worry :wink:

Well a couple of basic points first:

  • Fully ascended Heroes will be more powerful than others only ascended partway.

  • Fast mana heroes will be able to do their specials more often.

  • Fast, hard-hitting Heroes are better for Titan attacks (dmg, dmg, dmg), as are those who multiply attack (WuKong). From your cards, I like WuKong, Lianna, Ares, Sartana, and Boril (I love Riposte) or Grimm.

  • Healers and “meat shields” that absorb damage and good for Defense (just make sure you still have some hitters!). From your cards I like Caedmon (or Alberich), LiXiu, Boril, Boldtusk, Sartana. Remember to keep some hitters!

It goes without saying: always keep 1 of every 4* and 5* you get; you never know when you may want to switch out a few cards and try something new, especially for Raid, or to double up on a Titan.

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thanks a lot for your answer, Rook. What do you think of Isarnia for debuff in titan team ? Do you think Grimm is better than her ?

I don’t use Isarnia, so I don’t want to downplay her: I have heard she is sloooow, but when her special fires it is glorious. :smile:

Grimm has a quicker mana rate so I’d prefer him for a titan, even if the defense down is not as high as Isarnia.

i’m going to up Grimm, just to see the difference . Thanks for your answers, guys

Grimm over Boril for titans and it’s not close. Honestly, for almost everything unless you’re running into max 5 star teams you can’t handle and want to judo their own attacks against them.

The best cards for titans are defensive debuffers (ave speed like grimm, gormek, tibs, athena, etc), attack/crit raisers (BT, ares, wu kong, kiril), and cards with big attack scores. Most of your titan damage comes from tiles not specials, so the “fast is better so you can one-shot or kill a defense team member before they can heal” mentality doesn’t really apply.

At this stage since most of your cards are not leveled much, you’re best bet is go with your strongest leveled heroes - Ares, Isarnia, Lianna, WuKong, Sartana. Swap in Jackal for double yellow vs purple and marjana for double red vs greens. everyone else isn’t leveled up enough to make a difference. You need to farm as much as you can and level your dudes.

Longer Term I’d focus on these heroes:
Red: leveling Ares and Marjana
Blue: Grimm, then probably Richard over isarnia. depends on Ascension materials.
Green: finish lianna then probably Albi.
Purple: sartana to 70 (80 if you have the materias), then…rigard or tibs.
Yellow: Max Wu then either mushashi or Li Xiu depending on orb/darts status

my two cents on the matter