Need Some Extra players to help us with 11* titans, We have room for 10!

Bandersnatch CC is looking for more members. We are taking down 10* titans regularly but 11* is our current hurdle. The bright side: We are doing this with 20 members! Thats right we have 10 open slots and still getting it done. Help give us the boost we need.

Quick info about us.

Bandersnatch CC is the top alliance of our 3 in the Bandersnatch family. Many of us have been playing together for about a year, so expect a fun and lively chat. We are currently 13-2 in war, We have a great war strategy and awesome teamwork that gets us the results. If your on the move, Stop by and give us a go. I know you will be glad you did! 2400 cups, war defense of 3800+. Daily Activity is measured here. We don’t leave flags behind in war, and the titan gets hit 3x per day by each member. Discord is required, in game alliance chat scrolls fast!

Discord @ MarkNizzle#6221
Or find us in game: Bandersnatch CC! BCC|690x388

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