Need some "expert" advice

I recently joined an alliance, and am somewhat apprehensive about discussing this with them. They have all been together for a long time, and seem to know each other well, both in the game and outside it. Line is used regularly. My dilemma is this; the alliance rules clearly state that you must use a minimum of 1 flag on each titan. Not a problem for me, or the others. With the exception of 1. This member has been around for a long time, and is an elder. I reached out to the others with the suggestion that a kick be considered. I was told that it was being addressed, but have seen no progress. Should I continue to press the issue, or let it go.

Well, that’s tough. If they’re trustworthy, and you trust their leadership skills, then I would let it go. Though, if their record supports the fact that they don’t really follow through with their actions in accordance to the rules, then I’d push some more.

If there is a rule in place that someone isn’t following, and they haven’t listed a reason as to why they’re not doing so, then that’s not acceptable and they deserve to be kicked. Although, the leaders might have been given a reason from this specific person prior to the absence, possibly outside of the usual chat, and that’s why they said it’s been addressed.

Honestly, I would ask more questions but I’m not afraid to say something if I have to. It may seem uncomfortable, especially if you’re still fairly new to the alliance compared to the person in question, but in order for an alliance to survive- there needs to be order, rules, and consequences if they are not followed.


I would wait for a bit myself. Then if it is really bugging you, either leave, or push a bit on it and be ready to leave. But it is the leaders alliance, so ultimately their choice and there maybe issues you don’t know about.


I’m a coleader in my alliance. The leader has a general rule he follows when promoting. I was promoted earlier then typical because I was “bold, mouthy, [and] critical of players and their activity.” Yes that’s a quote. I’d push a little but that’s me. Worst case scenario - you discover you’re not in the best fit alliance for you and you move on.

1 hit per titan is a low bar, but it also may be the case that this player is on an excused absence or something. Give it some time to play out, but if you find yourself hitting towards to the top of the titan list, and there’s a lot of dead-weight at the bottom, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to move on. Titans and war chests are the most reliable sources of rare mats, and a disorganized alliance isn’t going to be helping you there as much as you deserve.


Pretty low requirement IMO, if you can use one flag you can use 3. They’re hesitant because it’s a tight-knit community and he’s been there a while, but it’s also one of their rules so it should be addressed.

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