Need Some Expert Advice

Need some expert advice so I came here.
Need best defense and best war team using what I have at the moment.

Currently running this

You have any number of combinations that will hold 2400+ cups in regular Raids.

For your War Defense, is there a coordinated tank color?

Not far off what I was thinking looking at it.

Except I’d drop Kadilen, move Vela to flank and put Natalya on the wing… And put the 4* troop on Zeline where it belongs :+1:


No not at this time. We aren’t at that level yet

As far as I’m concerned I would either do :

  • Seshat-vela - Zeline- natalya - Leo; or

  • Zeline- Seshat- Delilah- vela- natalya

Thank you very much.

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