Need Some Excitement on titans

As a top 100 house I have to say, the same Titans over and over again gets a bit boring. We need 15/16 stars back. Give us a challenge or new titans. Put the mythic titans in rotation or new ones we can get excited about. With mercn being changed and punished so much, it’s not as appealing as it was to go on titan sprees. It’s annoying to hold flags for 13+ hours till next spawn. I know there are bigger issues in the game, but I can’t really be the only one having this issue.

Yeah, if all 30 members in the top 100 alliances feel the same way, then there may be 2,999 players more having the same issue. As there are approximately 100,000 active players (those who hit the mythic titans anyway), you guys are in the minority. Would appreciate Small Giant if they prioritize those pressing issues and concerns long raised by the majority of the playerbase.

Just saying…

True… But also realize ppl say the whales and top players are the ones that get everything. Just bringing up the fact that in some instances and at some point we are all in the minority group at one point.
They make heroes that ppl see as op. They did costumes and limit breakers, again for the heroes to be more competitive. When was the last time titans were updated or changed was my point. Js
Happy gaming my friend. @Ultra Sorry if I offended you for speaking up for some in the minority.
May the boards be with u.

Thanks. Truth be told, I am not offended at your post in any way, shape or form. Far from it. What offended me the most is Small Giant’s blatant disrespect and dismissal to the popular thoughts and ideas of the players.

Hmnnn. It occurred to me. Maybe SG may implement this idea and feature request of yours. They tend to mostly be against the request of the majority. As far as I know, you are not alone wanting that. I am pretty sure I’ve read somewhere here in the community forum requesting much stronger titans.

And even though our alliance is only battling 12* titans at most, you have my vote.

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15 and 16-star titans could actually be a playing-field leveler — the top 100 alliances will have to skip titans occasionally, just like the rest of us. (When 13 and 14 star titans were introduced, there was so much whining from the top end that they were retired for a while until they could string them again.)

So I’m all for upping the titans to 20 stars. Let EVERYBODY have to skip every 4th, 5th, or 6th titan, because nobody can manage to string consistently.


Still would be happy with a refreshing view of titans. 15/16 would still be nice though. Grrr.

Still hoping this will come to reality. Update The Titans Please…14s are sooo boring same ones over and over for 2 + years. Will we ever get the 15s and 16s back and/or new daily titans? Think we got enough new heroes now. ( i get 3 and 4 stars only :angry:)

@Petri ?? Any possibility regarding titans?

Was worth a try… Nothing ventured nothing gained. :laughing:

Agreed, and they are also too frequent with everything else going on in the game.

My suggestion:

A. Introduce a mechanic where status effects from your last attack carry over to the next players attack. So I can leave it in defence down for the next player and my alliance can really work more as a team to take it down. This would bring on some creativity I’m sure.
Alternatively just try something similar where there is aby kind of carry over interaction and strategising for players.

B. Introduce new harder titan tiers

C. slow down frequency of titans

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