Need some advise for 3* heroes and 4/5*

First of all @sWetsWet you have already done an amazing job getting your heroes levelled in such a short time and you have not wasted any resources or time in doing this.

I’ll answer in two parts, in reverse order to how you have asked:

  1. You are absolutely spot on in saying that you need 3* heroes. It is the most important first step in this game. While levelling them you will learn about how to form your teams, position your heroes, how to level heroes, how to raid etc. Of the heroes you ask about: Bane = yes, Tyrum = Yes, Nashagar = yes. Then Kailani, Azar & Melia. There are many other 3* heroes that are worth levelling, to my mind, the most important after the afore mentioned are Valen (yes!), Berden, Belith, Balthazar, and Gunnar. There are good Atlantis and Event heroes as well, but honestly, just ask when you get them because there are so many. Having a strong base of 3* heroes is the key to success in many aspects of this game.
  2. If you want to have a 4*/5* defence team based on your current heroes: Danzaburo / Cyprian / Little John / Grimm / Kelile. It’s not an optimum 4* team and I would argue that you would be better off with a mixed 3* and 4* team at first.

Some notes: Grimm is a must-level hero (for everything). Wu Kong is a must-level (for offence & titan). Kelile and Little John are much better than @Anchor amazing guide gives them credit for - especially in the early to mid stages of the game. Cyprian is worth levelling as well, because of his help with events and tough map levels. Thorne is not worth levelling any further than u currently have him.

I am very happy to give additional advice if u have more questions

In the meantime, this may help: