Need some advise for 3* heroes and 4/5*

Yo there my friend @FishDreams thanks for the tag. :heart:
Great advices indeed.
Nothing to add about line those up.
But in my honest opinion … Kash is a better tank than BT.
Kash is a Def hero as Fish said
BT is def/atc hero .
Wu Kong is all use hero and every day hero not just in Titans. I am using him all over E&P I’m even leveling 2nd Wu!

We can’t talk about Wu with out calling Mr. @SandMan the Wu Kong expert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Back on topic.
My advice is to know exactly what play style you will follow.
If you are F2P/C2P and you are just starting, then you should try to make a solid 3☆ team with at least 2 heroes of each color to be able to beat the stages to earn the Ascending Materials (AM) that you will need to build up your 4☆ heroes who will help you to beat stronger events with 4☆ AM to build up your 5☆ heroes.
So leveling Belith abd Barden are the way before leveling 4☆ greens.
If you are P2P/P2W then you don’t need at all a 3☆ team and you can just pay and get very fine 4☆ heroes, build up a solid rainbow 4☆ 2 teams then start building up your 5☆ heroes.
As I know many of top players of P2P/P2W don’t have any 3☆ heroes at all.
Do ask your self what do you really want to be, how do you will play E&P then chose a way and follow the advices of @FishDreams .
Have a great day

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…and in mine I would take BT any day :).

This was exactly my thoughts as I read through. BT is a good tank and better all rounder than Kash as he heals everyone and is much better for Titans.

@sWetsWet I would agree with the rest of @FishDreams analysis.

I would also add - don’t stress about it too much - you have good heroes in progress and good heroes in waiting. Keep enjoying the game as you develop - fun is more important than teasing every 1% of progress out of your team.


I have read all above and sincerely i appreciate all of them. Just one question: what is f2p/c2p/p2p and p2w.

I have had no choice but to ask advise online because all the alliances i have joined(open alliance) even the members of the current one are all speaking in spanish and its hard for me to communicate or ask them for advise. Had to google translate all the time.

thanks again guys.


F2P … Free to Play
C2P … Cheap to Play
P2W … Pay to Win
P2P… Pay to win

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f2p is “Free to Play” or “Fight to Play”

c2p is “Cheap to Play”

p2p is “Pay to Play”

p2w is “Pay to Win”

They all describe a ‘type’ of player. Are you someone who is happy to take a lot of time to develop your game and not spend any money? (f2p), or maybe you are someone who wants to spend just a little bit of money every month to get some new heroes or buy the second builder (c2p), or are you someone who is willing to spend a lot of money to make sure that you get the best heroes and the materials that are needed to ascend them (p2p, p2w).

I am c2p, but increasingly I am f2p. I think that is where most of the Empires & Puzzles community are situated.

Here is a great resource for you to understand all of the phrases that are used in the forum:


I could swear I have said this to you in another post…change alliance. I have no issues with spanish…learning it now. But if you can’t communicate with them it really takes away from the experience.


The only time i spent my money was during halloween sales (only the cheap one) and Vip pass thats all. I think im f2p/c2p player

guess that wasnt me because i only write on this thread. Most of the alliances “invite only”

Sorry guys but how can i make my own topic?

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Invite Only generally is for Team with cup/TP requirements or just trying to keep people that have been kicked out from coming back in.

My alliance (RePresSioN) is invite only and you would be let in as we have no requirements.

Either way, the important part is the alliance is there to help you along. If you can’t talk to them it kind of defeats the purpose.

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Hey @Quinn7

If you go back to the main forum page (I find the easiest way is to hit the ‘Empires&Puzzles’ logo that is at the top of every thread), then there is a button on the top right, just under the magnifying glass ‘search’ icon that is labelled “+ New Topic”.

Hit that and you are underway. The tricky part is to decide what part of the forum it should go to (I still get this wrong, but the moderators correct mistakes, so don’t stress). If you have a question about your team then put it under “Gameplay and Tactics”. If you just want to make an overall comment about the game then “General Discussion” is the correct choice. If you need to get a game fault fixed then its “Bugs & Issues”

If in doubt, put it in “General Discussion” - it’s the best ‘catch all’ category

There are lots of excellent players on this forum, so please do ask questions as often as you need to

@FishDreams thank you very mutch! But the problem seems to be that there is no ‘new topic button’ onderneath the magnifying glass… :frowning:

It won’t be at the top of a thread. You need to go to the main page for the Community Forum. You can do that a couple of ways - the first is to google search “Empires & Puzzles Community Forum” and then bookmark that page (I just did this and the button is definitely there).

The second way is to scroll to the top of this thread and hit the large “Empires & Puzzles” logo that is at the very top. Once it redirects, bookmark the page for your next visit. I also just did this and the “+ New Topic” button is there.

If neither of those methods work, then I’m not sure what is going on?

@Quinn7 you need to complete the forum tutorial test, which u can find it somewhere i have forgotten haha

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Actually i have second tyrum, just to clarify. ignore balthazar first and go for 2nd tyrum right?

OMG @FishDreams, really really thank you so much.

fyi, i have been stucked in province 22-8 for more than 2 weeks already, teampower 3030 with lineup kelile, wukong, cyprian, wukong and LJ, dealing no dmg, cant even survive wave 2. Been wasted alot of battle items to fight thru wave 2 just to be defeated on wave 3.

Today, i decided to bring Grim, LJ, BT, Cyprian, Chao out to the field with only 2785 team power. Finally!!! Province 22-8 is conquered easily. Only few minor mana potion and arrow attack and antidotes were used. I cant believe type of heroes are so important despite of having weaker teampower. Almost sound like “its just a number”
Thank you so much.

By the way, i have second tyrum now, do i still level balthazar after cyprian is max? Today atlantis, i pulled another Grim then prisca, Namahage, Kelile.

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That’s such great news @sWetsWet

I got stuck a few times towards the end of Season1 and like you, kept going, and trying different combinations. At one point I just decided to level heroes for 3 weeks, so that I didn’t feel as frustrated.

U are doing so great!

Congrats on the Atlantis pulls. Keep the second Grimm for Alliance Wars. You may not need a second Kelile, but keep her for the moment. Nahamage is great and worth levelling at some point, but you only need one (I can’t remember if you have him already). I wouldn’t bother with Prisca, because you already have Tyrum and Balthazar. Feed her I think?

I am smiling with happiness for you!

Sorry, I missed this… No, level Balthazar, he is awesome too!

Then move onto second Tyrum unless u get another 4* purple in the meantime.

sorry for being unclear, i pulled a second Grim and Kelile, Prisca and namahage are new. thanks again man

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You’re welcome. Advise is the same. Namahage is a keeper. Prisca not so much. Two Grimms are absolutely worth keeping

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