Need some advice

Can u pls help me who to ascend first
Blue i have grimm at 3.60 boril n alasie just new
Pink tiburtus at 3.40 aeron 2.60 n rigard just new
Yellow chao at 2.40 delilah at 2.60 hu tao just new
Green little jhon at 2.60 kasherek , jack o hire, n skittleskull all new. Pls help thanks

Depending on your mats but go with Grimm, Rigard, Chao, Little John

After you maxed your team of 4* or 2 teams of 4* proceed to leveling 5* heroes.

For most events you need a strong 4* team.

I agree with Grimm, Rigard, Chao. I disagree with Little John.

As Kashtrek has healing as well as he’s often seen as tank i would prefer him above Little John.

Then i would do a team like (from l to r) Rigard, Chao, Kashtrek, Grimm, some other 4. And i’d begin with Grimm. Tiburtus is the dark Grimm, so you can work on him when you’ve leveled up Rigard.

So Grimm to start with then Rigard (good healer/cleaner) or the other way around. You should have a good healer in your team. For Yellow Chao would be nice choice. If you’re paying and have a go at guardians event you might pull guardian Jackal which is very desired. In normal pulls you can pull Wu Kong. He’s the best 4* yellow to have and beats many 5* in offence. If you don’t have to many materials he would be worth waiting for.

I wouldn’t recommend just leveling onebhero at a time. You get a 20% experience bonus when leveling with same color feeder heroes, so level one hero of each color simultaneously. Store up heroes until you have at least 5 of a color and then use them to level the hero you’re working on. Each hero will level up slightly more slowly but you will be leveling 5 at a time. Worked great for me.

Thats how I started aswell. But as a f2p time will come where you only have 1 hero you want to level and then throw everything into it for sure. Often I leveled 2 heroes at a time. For sure I fed them their colour and all other 1* on the lower level hero and all 2* on the one with higher level. Also I safe trainers and 3* heroes to feed in last ascension - preferably start to use them at 4/64 to max them with trainers from then

Normally you don’t want to ascend your 5* heroes before you have a couple 4* heroes maxed. (And normally you don’t want to ascend 5* heroes if you don’t have all or maybe all but one of the 4* ascension items they will need for their final ascension.)

I did ascend Delilah before that and she has been waiting patiently at 3/70 for darts; I’ll get the last set when I finish the summer event. I have zero regrets on this; she is amazing. (At the time I had no other yellow heroes to ascend, so it was a very easy choice)

But Delilah is the exception, not the rule. Also, I don’t like Chao all that much, and I don’t think anybody likes Hu; there are better 4* yellows, like Wu Kong and Jackal. (Alasie is really good too, but I would still do Grimm first; he is ready, and it is cheaper and faster to do a 4* hero)

As for the rest, Grimm, and Little John for sure.

Tiburtus and Rigard are both good and both worth ascending. If you don’t ascend Del, do Rigard for sure so you have an ascended healer. Since Tibs is almost ready, I would probably do him first.

Thats u guys u all the best

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