Need some advice on who to level next

Right now I have 3 60 Boldtusk, 3 60 Rigard, 2 60 Alasie, 2x 3 50 Bane, 3 50 Isshtak, 3 50 Greymane and 3 50 Renfeld. I have a 1 1 Kiril and 1 1 Cyprian. I also have about 20 various unleveled 3s. Is it worth it to level Kiril and Cyprian?

Kiril? He’s one of the best. Level him like it’s going out of fashion. When you can, take him to 4/70.
Cyprian is meh IMO. Not really bad, but the last of the standard dark 4* heroes I’d level personally. If you don’t have Sabina or Tiburtus to level ahead of him though, he’s still quite useful in a fight, especially against opponents who blast a whole area.

You should focused on Kiril. I have 4 5* in my raid team and kiril. The only one I have that can really affect 5* attacks with its +30 defense bonus. Cyprian is still at 1/1. One day I will focus on him. Once I finish all others 4*.

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Not only do I not have another 4* purple I don’t have anymore 3* purple. The only reason I held off on Kiril is because I already have Boldtusk. I could see a defense team of Kiril, Rigard, Cyprian, Boldtusk, Alasie being particularly nasty at my play level (low gold).

I have 2 fully ascended kiril and boldustk, third of each is on his way (above 1/3) and as I have a fourth kiril he will be full one day. Not a priority at that point. My target is 12 healers for AW.
Cyprian was one the latest 4* I got. I got before Obakan twice then Sartana. He is far in the queue :slight_smile: as I stop first obakan at 31/3 and are now working on sartana. I don’t have enough tabard for both :frowning:
Meanwhile you don’t get another 4* you can start ascending it. But a good companion for your team would be grimm, gormeck or tiburtus in order of preference from my point of view.

Alasie is one of the best heroes. Kiril next.