Need some advice on which yellow to level next

I am just about to max Joon and I’m not sure which one I should level next to pair with him and Delilah. My bench of 4 & 5*s include: Justice, Vivica, Leo, Danzaburo, Gretel (already have 1 maxed), Wu (already have 1 maxed), Chao (already have one maxed), Li Xiu, Hu Tao.

My main focus is titan damage, then raid offense, then raid defense, then alliance wars.

My other color maxed (or semi-leveled) 4* and 5*s are:

Purple - Sartana, Aeron (4-53), Mok-Arr (3-70), Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus
Blue - Alasie, Isarnia (4-53), Kiril, Sonya, Grimm, Boril (3-60), Triton (3-50)
Green - Zeline, Alberich, Lianna (3-70), Hansel, Caedmon, Melendor, Peters (3-31)
Red - Gravemaker, Natalya (3-62), Zimkitha (3-33), Ares (2-49), Wilbur, G. Falcon, Boldtusk,Scarlett


Justice is a great tank and has really high health, but I like Vivica. In saying that, if your main motivation is Titan then Leo.

I vote Vivica. She’s a good 5* healer and also has the defense buff for the whole team.

Charge her quick using mana pots during a titan to keep everyone alive longer.

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I didn’t see ‘Events’ on your list. If that’s high up then I’d work on Gretel. She’s great on controlling the bosses. I see you have Hansel - who is better - but I sometimes take both when they throw more than one boss at you.

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Thanks, I do have Gretel maxed as well, You are right, she’s very useful!

I hope Joe you wouldn’t mind if I borrow your topic - I was literally writing the same like that myself, then I noticed it is already here.

I am not that advanced in the game yet. I have maxed Wu Kong and getting Chao to 3.60. I don’t feel he is worth the ascension materials to get him to 4.70, so I need to choose who gets my yellow feeders now. I have following options:

  • Guardian Owl - his design feels terrible and it looks everyone hates him, but on the other hand he’s my only yellow 5*
  • Guardian Jackal - he is great but I feel having no other yellow snipers, he will not show his full potential
  • Hu Tao - I feel he’s only good on defense, and my defense squad is already quite decent (Kash, Magni, Kiril, Tiburtus, Marjana)
  • Danzaburo - idk what he’s about

Who would you guys recommend?


Jackel hands down. He works well as is but helps with more yellows. Out of what you have he is the only viable one outside of maybe Dan.

I would go Leo in your situation. He is pretty viable now and quite annoying.

Jackal, Jackal and more Jackal

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