Need some Advice on Rainbow Team

Hi all, I am currently running Vivica, Tibs, Boldtusk, Horghall and Isarnia but find that this team lacks the firepower and 3 of them have Slow Mana Regen. At 1200 cups but find it so tough now as my Vivica and Isarnia sometimes Will not even survive to fire their special. Will actually replacing the following be better? All my heroes as per photo

  1. Wilbur replace BT
  2. Melendor replace Horghall
  3. Wukong replace Vivica

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Its very good decision to make first team by 4*. 5* heroes needs much more time and mats.

Max Boldtusk first and Wilbur after him. This 2 guys are awesome in red stack.
+Wilbur is awesome on titans

Mel is very good hero, max him definetly. Gadeirus is only green attack buffer in game (and Brienne ofc but she is only 3*), max him second or Caedmon/Hansel if you will lucky.

Take Isarnia to 2^60. Do you have a blue 4*? If not max Gato befire you ascend Isarnia higher. He is strong 3* and you can max him fast.

Take Tibs to 3^60 and then start maximg Proteus. He is a beast, this guy will change your game and help you with beating rare quests (for mats)

Max Wukong for titans (and everything else in early game) do you have another yellow 4*? If not mac Melia.

Def team:
Mel-Isarnia(4* blue maxed if you have)-Boldtusk-Tibs(Proteus after upgrades)-Wu

Best option will be max first 3* rainbow team (with healer) for rare events and raids tournaments.

Don’t worry about many healers up there, with Wukong you don’t really need offensive skills.


I have a second Wukong…do I level him too?

Basically I am also in a delimna which 3* to keep.

Here u go able to advise which I can get rid of

Keep second Wu but don’t gave him food in close future (probably never).

Keep these 3*
Nashgar, Namahage, Hawkmoon
Muggy, Mnesseus, Hisan (and Belith + Brienne eventualy(she can be very strong mixed with Gunnar)
Gunnar, Valen, Gato
Chochin, Tyrum, wait for secon Tyrum or Baltazzar
Melia, and 2 more heroes Bane/Gan-Ju


Thanks for the advice bro!

I am not great at giving advice for 3* but my advice is to keep at least 1 of each.

Buying more roster space is much cheaper. Duplicate 3* heroes are fed to the same respective hero. Please to remember to lock all the necessary heroes that you want to keep.

Based on your roster, you should be relatively new to this game. Focus on a maxed rainbow 3* or 4* team. 5* can wait for later since you won’t have enough mats to max them anyway. Also, don’t focus too much on raids. Focus on completing quests and challenges as much as possible in addition to your daily titans.

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Yes I am new and dump some money into it. Thanks for all the info bros

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