Need some advice in building heroes - begining



I wanna ask you what will be best build from those heroes - Attacking team, and Def team. And in which position should they be.

I have:
-4* Sabina
-3* Balthazar
-3* Oberon
-3* Priska

-3* Bane

-3* Velen
-3* Ulmer
-3* Karil
-3* Graymane
-3* Gunnar

-4* Melendor
-2* Brogan

-3* Azar
-3* Hawkmoon
-3* Nashgar

I have 300 gems so what colour should I buy next?

Thanks for help.


You don’t say what level your heroes are, but I recommend you check out 7 days departed videos at
Best resources on gaming strategy I have found.
You are light on Holy (yellow) heroes so I would use epic tokens there. Hope you get Joon or Vivica :slight_smile: .


Not knowing the current level of your heroes I think I would go with: Balthazar, Valen or Gunnar (spirit link can be useful in the beginning) , Melendor and Nashgar for a start.
Save good heroes for later to be able to mix up your team for different purposes.
The position in defense team depends on defense and health at the current level. My best advice is to use your strongest defender in center.


People who want to help you will need to know what level these heroes are…is Sabina 1^1? 3^56? Huge difference.

Usually a 4* is going to be worth more than a 3* once you level them up.

Purple: Sabina good healer, Balthazar arguably the best 3* purple hitter

Yellow: Bane very good hitter

Blue: Valen good hitter, Gunnar Spirit Link

Green: Melendor yay healer!

Red: Nashgar nice fire effects, Azar might also do.

NOTE: KEEP ALL 3* AND HIGHER CARDS. 2* and below will become food eventually.

What next? Well the RNG gods might jinx you, but your only 4* cards are healers (purple, green); you can try in the other colors (red, blue, yellow), or try ANY color if you’re looking for hitters.


Thanks all for last advice. Now I have that team, and I have enough items to upgrade 3 colours, so what you think should I choose and what team for raids att/def, titan?
-4* Boldtusk lvl 3^60
-4* Kelile lvl 3^60
-4* Sonya lvl 3^60
-4* Grimm lvl 3^60
-4* Sabina lvl 3^60
-3* Balthazar lvl 3^50
-4* Melendor lvl 3^60
-4* Kasherk stock
-3* Berden lvl 3^60
-3* Brienne lvl 3^60
-4* Wu Kong lvl 3^60
-4* Li Xiu lvl 3^60
-3* Bane lvl 3^50

Acutally I have:
Def Sonya - Melendor - Boldtusk - Li Xiu - Balthazar
Att Bane - Sonya - Boldtusk - Melendor - Balthazar
Raid - Wu Kong - Sonya - Boldtusk - Melendor - Balthazar


Boldtusk, Grimm and Wukong



Red = Boldtusk
Blue = Grimm
Purple = Sabina
Green = Melendor
Yellow = Wu Kong


Purple = Balthazar
Green = Brienne
Yellow = Bane

The 3* heroes are good for Beginner Events, and to deepen your bench of heroes for Alliance Wars. I would keep all your 3/4/5* heroes.