Need some advice for Tank

I now have got Sartana and Magni at tier 4, i will get Delilah to tier 4 within a week. I now use BT (4-70) as tank. I need to get a strong team.

I have following 5* on bench:

  • Zeline, Elkanen, Lianna. 1 potion needed for tier 4 for Zeline.
  • Aeron, Domitia, Obakan. Just pulled Sartana to 4, don’t have materials yet for another 4
  • Delilah (next week tier 4), Leonidas, G. Owl
  • Alasie, Richard, Mater Lepus, Thorne. Just put Magni to 4, so don’t have materials
  • Marjana, Azlar, Khagan, Gravemaker, Elena. Got materials to get 1 to level 4.

Should i use Delilah for time being, must i keep BT, should i wait for Justice or Horghall to appear in my TC?
I’ve got 22 epic hero tokens. Should i try to get next months HOTM Greg?

I have tried to pull Guinevere, but that didn’t succeed. Please some advice here…

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You have a happy problem, choosing among some very good heroes.

  • Zeline should be your green focus. I like her in flank (positions 2 or 4) though, not tank
  • Sartana is your best dark hero, and should get your next set of tabards. Unclear to me how far the others are, but Aeron or Domitia are certainly worth going to 3-70.
  • Delilah is a very good tank, IMO. Not Guinevere, but better than a typical healer center because she keeps doing ranks of minions. She’s your best tank choice.
  • finish Magni then work on Alasie. Both are excellent. Alasie can be tank, but not Magni, who is another flank hero.
  • Marjana and Gravemaker are both very good. I give the edge to Marjana, or maybe GM if you have a 4* red mana troop that is, or soon will be, L11.

Kerridoc covered all the bases.
I completely agree with him.
Nice choices of heroes btw.

Sorry didn’t answer this.

Yes. Gregorion is a fine hero. August’s HotM, Drake Lee, is not. I’m not sure whether Greg is better than Lianna, but I’d rather have the choice between them than not.


My advice to you is save all your ascension materials. At the rate of new heroes being added compared to the rate of obtainable ascension materials it makes little sense in using items on what will most likely be second rate 5 stars in about 6 months time. It sounds like you understand that without Guinevere you will not be a top raid defense team. So unless you get Guinevere I would save your darts for the time being. Delilah’s decent though if your content with a 2400-2500 trophy tank.

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What kind of advice is this? Terrible.
In 6 months time he’ll have enough materials to ascend another set of 5* heroes.
All the heroes he has to choose from currently are top notch heroes, and will be for a long time.

Also, Guinevere is not the only yellow hero to ascend. She is a niche hero for players who want to maximize defending cups. But she does not help you much on raid attack or Titans. It’s all about priorities.

First off he is asking advice for a tank, which is entirely raid and AW focused. So I gave him sound advice if he wants to maximize his cup potential… As for getting another set of ascension materials in 6 months time, that may be your experience but that doesn’t make it true… I have been playing for over a year with others and many of them are just now ascending their fist 5 star heroes. I agree with you that Guinevere doesn’t excel in every aspect of the game… however, she’s still plenty viable for titans. I would also add that it appears the developers have made pvp (raids) and alliance wars the main point of the game which is why I suggest waiting for better heroes to arrive so he can be more competitive.

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As i don’t have a good 5* tank yet and i need it, i will level Delilah next week. But i’ll be waiting for another tank to arrive obviously :smiley:
@Kerridoc thank you. I already have leveled Sartana and Magni. I asked the question because they need a better tank than BT.

Thanks all for answering.

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Of all the heroes you listed, the one better listed as tank is Azlar. However you have such good red options that I agree you shouldn’t focus on filling the tank spot for defense only.
Although it was your question to begin with. If I could recommend which of your heroes is best for tank position I would say azlar.

I notice the ascension materials seem to come in waves:

It took me ten months to get a full set of all of them to level up my heroes; faster the second time around. There is a bit of give between players (accounting for RNG?) as to who gets what how fast.

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RNG is RNG… I have the heroes my gf has the AMs for and vice versa :confused:

Still, OP has great choices!

I feel like one has to deal with the cards he’s dealt. There are two play styles that I can distinguish in this game - outlast or nuke.

Looking at top 100 they all have Guinn and/or Alby. +3 nukers. Since we can no longer get those, I think we can safely say our best options are to build general heroes as Joon, Richard, Mari and Zeline.

The problem in raid defense is that you will be always attacked with 2-3 strong colors. Which means you either have to put Fast center or one with obscene defence.

I find using pure tanks to be the better option as they more often than not will survive andnfire at least once.

Currently I’m working towards a 4/5 team of Melendor Delilah Boss Wolf Delilah Gretel. I feel that even though the 5*s will be 3-70 for the foreseeable future, this will be better than Mel Tibur Boril Elkanen Scatlett on 4-70


(If you use the full names—Delilah instead of Del—then the players who come after you, maybe months from now, can still follow your strategy.) :slight_smile:


@Rook Awesome remark! Edited my post.

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