Need some advice about yellow 5 star

My team is
Arthur and Magni
Marjana GM and Zimitka
Zeline and Lianna
Panther and Sartana
Delilah and Rana.

Got most 4 stars maxed

Now I have 5 darts. I got justice Fong and Leonidas on tier 1and vivica on tier 3 with special maxed. Will I wait for Joon to arrive from tc20 or do I max one of the others? I’m not in a hurry, just want to get the right one to 4. If that’s Joon then I’ll wait.

Ow… Got owl too…lol

I would go forward with Vivica. 5* healers add real value wars.

If you are likely to get January’s HotM, Onatel, then you might consider holding thosedarts for her. But that’s quite speculative.


Does it make any difference i just pulled Joon from TC20?

I’m in the same boat as you - I have Drake ready to do his final ascention and I’m really hesitant to go ahead and do it unless I am absolutely sure.

I really think he’s the best choice - 7DD also gave him an overall A rating and I agree with it. Joon is good but Drake is a better all-around hero. That chance for 3 enemies to miss is such a great perk.

I happened to see the January HOTM (a yellow) and am not impressed at all…I was waiting in case that one would be better than Drake, but she isn’t in my mind.

Tough call. Probably you should go with Joon. Vivica at 3/70 is very solid. I assume you have a Jackal? Jackal/Joon is such a good combo.

I have 1 Jackal at 4-70. (and 1 at 1-1). Lol

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Can you share some information about January 2019 HotM?

@Talakas1 - Do you have the Line app? I can help you out if so.

No I do not have. I found what I was searching for. Cheers

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