Need setup help #lost

I’m a little but lost and at the moment I don’t know, which offense and defense setup would be the best with my given heroes.

I was currently leveling Obakan, just got Clarissa, I assume I should be leveling her now. Waiting for 2 more telescopes to bring Vela up.

Any tips are welcome, thx in advance!

I’m stumped too. Gaderious is a great tank, but not if you want to be in diamond. The team would be better with Lianna, but then you don’t have a true tank. Also, Malosi isn’t great on defense, but he’s the best Holy you have. If I had to put something together…and I’m sure others would disagree. I’d do Athena - Malosi - Sabina - Tyr - Lianna.

I’d like to see what others think…I don’t feel great about my creation


You have some great heroes, congrats!

I agree with @Chadmo, Malosi is poor on D as the odds of AI using his special well are slim to none. Rainbow D is a good goal, but not essential if the team works well. A 1-1-1-2 team can work just as well.

Based purely on who you have leveled now I would consider your emblemed Boril. Enemies take damage back which I believe would be increased damage if their D is dropped by Athena. I may be wrong in how that game mechanic works though.

Not sure Sabina is great in a flank either, she is a bit fragile. Wing may be best spot.

Good luck though, looks like you have great heroes coming up!


Welcome @meddner.

Maybe try the following:

Tyr Sabs Athena Sturm Lia

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