Need robes and telescopes!

How do I get these warm capes and telescopes??

Chests. Titan loot. Tournament loot. Event loot.Mystic vision.

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Well, with the Halloween event on, SG will sell you them.

However, titan loot is the best source of AMs and higher level titans, drop more variety of loot. @Vikingblood80 has mentioned other places too Frostmarch is also coming up in November - guaranteed a Cape & telescope.


Just tacking on a link to this for future searchers: List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing / Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay


Next week, you can get it from Frostmarch (Rare Quest) it appears every 70 days approximately…

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Rare quests (ex Shrikewood for the sturdy shield and mysterious tonic), titan kills, titan chests, raid chests, monster chests, elemental chests, completing certain levels (seasonal events ex, completing stage 10 of advanced in the Halloween event nets you a trap tool while completing stage 20 of advanced gets you a tabard), completing certain difficulty tiers (rotating challenge events).