Need RED leveling advice

In my attempts to pull event heros and/or HOTM, I pulled Elena and Khagan. I already have Natalya 2-60 so I’m not sure which one to level. I currently have 5 blades and 6 rings. My priorities are: titan, raid off, raid def, aw. My heros:

Red – Scarlett and BoldTusk maxed, G. Falcon and G. Kong (1-1)
Blue – Grimm and Kiril maxed, Alasie 2-45, Rumpelstiltskin (1-1)
Green – Caedmon maxed, Zeline 4-50, Hansel (1-1)
Purple – Rigard and Sabina maxed, Tibs 4-50, Aeron (1-1)
Yellow – Wu maxed, Delilah 4-30, Gretel 1-1 (I got 5 of her but fed 3 to Delilah), all the other 5* and 4*s in this color at 1-1

I would actually do Falcon. He is quite fun.

Unless you want Khagan for a tank (he is quite annoying in raids)