Need raid tournament help!

So before I went to bed last night I had 3 red “X’s” in the tournament. I thought I would have another round this morning BUT when I clicked on the tournament it had 4 “X’s” & I didn’t even attack yet.
Based on the rules, PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong, it states “If YOUR ATTACKS result in defeat 4 times…” (see pic) My attack’s never got me the 4th “X” it was just there when I went on this morning. I don’t understand how this is possible!!! Anyone? Please, what am I not understanding??? :pensive:

Hello, there. I believe you should take this matter to the SG support services and submit a ticket. No one on the forum has the power to help you with this.


Maybe you thought you were normal raiding but was indeed tournament raiding?

It happened to me once, i wasn’t paying attention and that got me an ugly defeat.

You could check your attack log and see where your 4 defeats are. Maybe you forgot one?

No, this is not my first tournament but thank you.
I’ll check my log. It’s just odd that I left with 3 X’s only to wake up to 4 :woman_facepalming:t2:

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