Need quests so I can do the PoV today

I don’t have any available quests today in order to complete Path of Valor.

I am a little concerned that a new quest won’t pop up in time… the clock is counting down.

same situation but depends on your location there’s 4 hours between the new quest and end of daily pov…hopefully i can make it

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New one will pop up in 10 hrs and daily quest refresh in 14 hrs… u got 4 hrs to complete it…

Check the learning thread for pov… never do the quests/hit Titan when daily challenge about to refresh.

PS: This is not a bug you completed your quest early .


yeah your idea is very solid, tactical advice except I play the game at the end of the day which is always a few hours before the pov resets. I dont want to stop playing at night simply to wait for the pov. Would defeat the purpose of playing a game right?

Also, the category is bugs & issues, I think this constitutes as an issue. If PoV wants us to do quests, let there be quests.


There are quests. You did them, although you had no way of knowing they’d be needed the next day.

As noted, there will be 4 hours from when crafting items 2 disappears until the dailies roll over. A quest what least 3 stages is guaranteed in that period.

The daily quests are the same for EVERYONE, and as best we can tell are randomly chosen. Today’s are particularly punishing for world energy though, requiring at least 40 energy if you hadn’t done any quests, and potentially far more if you had.

Err shrikewood counts as a quest? :woman_shrugging:
That’s all I did today and got rewards from POV for doing it.

Oh, man. Is this ever true! I am just thankful I was keen enough to realize that before jumping into Shrikewood so fast.

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All Daily Quests, Rare Quests (Shrikewood, Frostmarch , Farholme Pass 1 & 2, Mount Umber, Morlovia, and Shiloh Desert), and Class Quests (Trial of ______) count towards this PoV Daily Challenge. Challenge Event stages don’t count, and I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t expect Seasonal Event stages like Springvale to count either. I’m not sure if Springvale will begin at the closing of this Path of Valor, but I suspect it will still be running when Path of Valor II begins in early April.

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well, the collect gems quest popped just in time. All is right in the world again.

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