Need my old account


My game was uninstall by a younging accidentally I believe, but with that said when I went to read install it, it started me over. Can someone re- establish my first account .I put too much time into that one to just start over. Help me out old.


If you are playing the game on an ipad or iphone, check to see if you had icloud storage on. If so, you may be able to load a recent backup. I am fairly certain the game progress is saved during daily automatic icloud backups. Maybe not, but it is at least something to look into. Good luck!


I would contact the developers directly, they have helped others reinstall games.
Hope you get it back!


I’d contact the game directly. From the game, it’s:

Menu > Options > About > Support


And include your account number as well. It can be found in the “about” screen.